Friday, February 12, 2016

Inwinccible Circus

Presenting My New line of "#InwinccibleCircus" Art , Created By Myself By Combining Circus Act ,Pop Singing & Pop Music To Create A New Integrated Version Of Performing Art. More Dangerous & Surprise Creation of my #inwinccibleCircus art will be coming out soon one by one, stay tuned ;) 😁. “钢铁之歌唱马戏团” 是我自己自创的新表演艺术,这项表演结合了马戏团的艺术还有新潮流的歌唱和音乐,带出更创新的表演艺术, 陆续会有更多更高难度还有惊喜我会陆续登场:) Special thanks to my Circus School @vivavertical & my guru @miko_samanthayee 
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