Sunday, August 9, 2015

This Is The Time (1st Recording Journey To The West)

A Promise Kept & To Be Fulfilled that I'll reach the USA market by 30, well I'll turn 30 this coming oct ;), so #ThisIsTheTime


(I've spent 4 years building up my local Malaysia market then using what I've learnt & generated to invest in the Asia Taiwan market for another 3 years, now using my Local & Asia Market Value To start to penetrate the International Western Market, well this is my first step there, more to come , I'm going in Alone this time as Recording Artiste & Song Writer & Investor this time to collaborate with an award winning producer, I don't know how long will I spend in setting up my Western market, but I promise I' ll keep experimenting & inventing various new strategy until I succeed ;) Also, I promise I'll share my every business strategy here on my social media & my entire journey with u all ;) & don't worry I won't neglect my local & Asia market as I've set up teams in my local & Asia market, hence it's just about strategic management & team work ;), well I'm just putting all my studies into use ;) 
( So, sorry if my caption is too long & boring ya, alright I'm boarding now)

(如果我写太长太悶,請多多原谅還有包含我唠叨的文字, 好了我要上飛機了)

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