Tuesday, September 11, 2012

one FM88.1 Love Guru Dessert:Crab Bread

one FM88.1 Love Guru Dessert: Crab Bread (螃蟹面包)

2 cups Cake Flour(面粉)
Half cup Water (水)
1 tsp Yeast (发酵粉)
1 tsp Oil (油)
1 tsp Salt (盐)
1 tsp Sugar (糖)
2 tsp Mayo (美奶汁)
Cooked Crab Meat(熟蟹肉)
Cooked Crab Shell(熟螃蟹壳)

Methods (步骤):

Mix Cake Flour, Water, Yeast, Oil, Salt, Sugar,Mayo and Crab Meet together to form dough then place into the crab Shell. Let it rest for 15 min, then baked for 10-15 min 180 Degree Celsius.(将面粉,水,发酵粉,糖,盐,油,美奶汁和蟹肉搓成面团然后把面团放入蟹壳里,发15分钟,然后烤10-15分钟,180度。)

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