Monday, August 6, 2012

oneFM Love Guru Desset: Butterless Chocolate Muffin

In conjunction of hosting for Love Guru oneFM88.1,every night 10pm-12mid night, after hearing all the love problems, I will prepare and share one " Love Guru Desert" at the end of the talk show,as a sweet ending for all listeners

每晚主持oneFM LoveGuru ,在节目尾声,我将会准备和分享一道LoveGuru甜品,让大家来甜一下

one FM Love Guru Dessert : Butterless Chocolate Muffin (无油巧克力杯子蛋糕)

1 cup Self Rising Flour (自发面粉)
Half cup of cocoa powder (可可粉)
Half cup of caster sugar(糖)
2 Eggs(蛋)
Half Cup of milk(牛奶)
Some Raisins(葡萄干)

1。Mix flour , cocoa powder, sugar, raisins together (将面粉,可可粉,糖和葡萄干混合)

2.Beat eggs add into the dry mixture , add in milk n stir altogether n bake in oven 180 degree celsius for 15-20 min(将蛋打发,加入刚才的以混合的材料,加入牛奶,将所有的材料混合在一起,然后烤15-20分钟180 度)

Egg white topping(蛋白糖浆)

Beat 1 egg white n 2 large teaspoons of icing sugar till soft peak (将一个蛋白和两汤匙的Icing Sugar打发)

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