Wednesday, August 15, 2012

one FM88.1Love Guru Dessert: Chicken Floss Cheesy Baked Corn Flakes

Chicken Floss Cheesy baked Corn Flakes 鸡丝芝士烤玉米片

Corn Flakes ( 玉米片)
Mozerella Cheese (芝士)
Chicken Floss(鸡丝)

Methods (步骤):
Crush Corn Flakes, mix with mayo then top with cheese, baked for 5-8 min till all cheese melted, lastly top with Chicken Floss (把玉米片弄碎,加入美奶子,撒上芝士,烤5-8分钟,最后撒上鸡丝)

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