Friday, August 10, 2012

one FM88.1 Love Guru Dessert

one FM Love Guru Dessert : Orange Steamed Egg 橙炖蛋

Ingredients (材料):
2 Oranges (橙)
2 Eggs (蛋)
3 tsp Milk (鲜奶)
2 tsp Sugar (糖)
Some Cornflakes (玉蜀黍片)

1. Slice the top of the orange and empty all the flesh (把橙的头部切开,把里面的橙给挖出来)

2. Beat the eggs, add in milk and sugar, then pour mixture into the orange and steam for 20 mins(将蛋打发,加入牛奶和糖,然后倒入橙里,蒸15分钟)

3. Top with corn flakes (面上撒点玉蜀黍片)

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