Thursday, August 23, 2012

one FM88.1 Love Guru Dessert: Prawn Jelly With Tuna Soup

one FM88.1 Love Guru Dessert: Prawn Jelly with Tuna Soup(虾果冻)

Ingredients (材料):
1 Bowl of Prawns ( 虾)
6 Bowls of Water(水)
1 tin canned Tuna(吞拿鱼)
4 tsp Jelly Powder(果冻粉)
2 tsp salt(盐)
1 Egg(蛋)
2 tsp Oyster Sauce(蚝油)
Some Ginger(姜片)

Methods (步骤):
Boil Prawns with water together add salt. Take out the Prawns and place inside jelly tray. Divide the prawn soup into two portion. Use one portion to add jelly powder and boil till all jelly powder melt. Then pour into Jelly tray and chill. Another portion of the prawn soup add in canned tuna and ginger , boil for 15 min then lastly add in oyster sauce and eggs. Serve together with Jelly Prawns. (将水和虾一起煮熟,把虾放入果冻模式,然后将虾汤分成两分,一分加入果冻粉和盐然后煮至溶化,放入果冻模式,冷冻。另一份加入吞拿鱼,煮15分钟,过后加入蚝油和蛋,最后加入已冷冻的虾果冻一起吃。)

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