Friday, August 24, 2012

one FM88.1 Love Guru Dessert : Durian Tofu Puff

one FM88.1 Love Guru Deesert :Durian Tofu Puff (榴莲烤豆腐)

100g Cream Cheese (芝士)
200g Durian (榴莲)
4 Tofu (烤豆腐)
Some Corn Flakes(玉蜀黍片)

Methods (步骤):
Beat Cream Cheese and Durian together. Lastly add in some Corn Flakes. Bake tofu inside oven till crispy and then add in the durian filing . (将芝士和榴莲打发最后加入玉蜀黍片,将豆腐烤脆,加入刚才打发的榴莲)

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cmy said...

very creative..thumbs up!