Monday, August 20, 2012

one FM88.1, Love Guru Dessert : Curry Yogurt Cream Cheese Cake

Curry Yogurt Cream Cheese Cake

125g Cream Cheese(芝士)
3 tsp Yogurt(优硌)
2 tsp Curry Powder(咖喱粉)
1 tsp Thick Condensed Milk(炼奶)
1 tsp Gelatin Powder
1 cup of Biscuit Crumbs (饼干碎)
60 g Butter(牛油)


1.Mix Biscuit Crumbs abs Butter together and formed a base for the cake. (将饼干碎和溶牛油混合,压成蛋糕的底层)

2.Beat Cream Cheese, Yogurt, Condensed Milk and Curry Powder together . Melt gelatin with 2 tsp hot water and pour inside the batter and mix well. Lastly, pour batter on top of biscuit base and chill till set (将芝士,优硌,炼奶和咖喱粉打发。把Gelatin加入两汤匙热水溶化然后加入刚才打发的材料,最后倒在饼干层上,冷冻)

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