Friday, August 10, 2012

one FM88.1 Love Guru Dessert: Coffee Peanut Butter Onde-Onde

one FM Love Guru Dessert 甜品: Coffee Peanut Butter Onde-Onde (咖啡花生酱Onde-Onde)

Ingredients (材料):
1 cup Glutinous flour (糯米粉)
4 tsp sugar (糖)
1 tsp oil (油)
Half cup Water (水)
2 tsp Coffee powder (咖啡粉)

Filling (馅料):
Peanut butter (花生酱)

Grated coconut (椰丝)

1. Mix Flour, water, sugar, oil and coffee powder together as dough.(把糯米粉,水,糖,油 和咖啡粉搓成面团)

2. Use dough to wrap peanut butter as filling then shape it into ball shape . Cook in boiling water till it floats. Then coat with grated coconut .(用面团包花生酱,搓成圆形,用热水煮至浮起来,最后撒上椰丝)

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