Wednesday, August 8, 2012

one FM Love Guru Dessert: Herbal Honey Lemon Pau

Herbal Honey Lemon Pau,柠檬蜜糖药材包

Pau Ingredients (包材料):
2 Cups of Cake Flour (蛋糕粉)
Half Cup of Water (水)
2 tsp yeast (发酵粉)
1 tsp sugar (糖)
1 tsp Lemon Paste (柠檬膏)

50g Honey Rock Sugar (石蜂糖)
Some Chinese Herbs (药材)

1. Mix all the ingredients for Pau together and let it rest for 15 mins.(将包的材料搓成面团,然后让它发15分钟)

2. After that wrap with the fillings.(然后用面团来包馅料)

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