Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thank u all I Am Going Straight To the Finals of Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia

Thanks all This is my Second set of Masterpiece which made me the Winner for today and I gotten the 1st Golden Ticket to the Finals of Master Chef Celebrity , thanks so much all for supporting , I didnt expect i ll make it into the Finals, Truly Appreciate This Moment stay tuned to tmr Elimination round, which other Celebrities will join me in the finals ;)

Terima Kasih Semua, Hidangan ini yg dpt memenangi Hati Juri malam ini Dan Wincci terus ke Finals Master Chef Selebriti, Terima Kasih Semua, krn anda semua barulah Wincci Ada Semangat utk Berjuang, tak pernah Terlintas Fikiran Wincci bahawa Wincci Dpt ke Finals jangan lupa saksikan Episod Besok, Selebriti yg Manakah Akan bersama Wincci ke Finals


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