Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ep 27 Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia

9 pm Tonight Episode 27 of Master Chef Celebrity, Astro Ria 104 or Astro Mustika 134, Part 1 Final , We r all honored to wear this Chef Uniform, and with the "Celebrity Chef" title, truly appreciate it, we are all ready for one of the last challenge, r u all ready?

Ep27 Master Chef Selebriti, 9malam Ini, kat Astro Ria 104 atau Astro Mustika 134, dgn bangganya kami memakai Uniform Chef Dan dgn gelaran "Celebrity Chef", kami dah bersedia utk cabaran mlm Ini, adakah Semua dah bersedia?

今晚9点,第27集的Master Chef Celebrity, 决赛了,今天我们大家很荣幸穿上厨师的制服,成为"艺人厨师"一起面对挑战;)

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