Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Soo Wincci" Shoes Series with XES is in the process

The first thing to do back to malaysia is having meeting from morning till noon with XES, yes ladies and gentlemen my own exclusive "Soo Wincci" Shoes Series with XES is cooking in the process, i ll be designing my own Shoes with XES n will be out soon stay tuned;)

一回国,今天从早到下午和XES鞋公司开会,为了就是讨论我自己设计"Soo Wincci 苏盈之" 系列的鞋子,对了很快就会面市了;)尽情期待吧!

Balik Malaysia saja, pagi ini Meeting Sampai petang dengan XES untuk berbincang tentang rangkaian exclusive kasut " Soo Wincci" yang direka khas oleh Wincci untuk XES, Coming Soon

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