Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ep20 Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia : Blue team going into elimination round

Oh no our team lost, tonight 9pm , Astro Ria 104, or Astro Mustika 134, four of us will be going through elimination test in the kitchen of Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia , help us !!!

Matilah aku, kumpulan kami kalah Dan 9malam ini,Astro Ria 104 & Astro Mustika 134, keempat-empat kami Akan melalui ujian penyingkiran Master Chef Selebriti Malaysia , tolonglah kami !!!

惨咯,我们的对输了,今晚9点,Astro Ria 104 & Astro Mustika 134, 我们又要进Master Chef Celebrity 的淘汰赛了,救命啊!!!

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