Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Being the Spokesperson of Avon Anew Skin Care in the Philippines

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I m being signed by the Avon Philippines as one of their spokesperson for Avon Anew Skin Care in the Philippines , I am truly honored, Thanks Avon for providing me great platform to breakthrough to another additional market ;), will be flying here more often ;)

各位,这次菲律宾的Avon也正式签我成为他们的Avon Anew 的护肤产品代言人,感谢Avon让我打开另一个市场呀;)

Kali Ini Wincci menjadi Duta skin care bagi Avon Anew Skin Care Philippines, terima Kasih kepada Avon kerana memberi peluang keemasan ini kepada Wincci ;) Jutaan Penghargaan !

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