Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ambassador for Malaysia Pole Championship 2012

This whole week I will be having intensive pole training to gear up for the Malaysia Pole Championship 2012, this time I will be the Guest Artist Ambassador.  Apart from singing, this will be my first time performing pole dancing =)
special thanks to Viva Vertical Malaysia

Cabaran Wincci buat Minggu ini adalah, Intensive Pole Dancing training , Ahad ini Wincci akan menjadi Duta bagi Malaysia Pole Championship 2012=), Selain drp Menyanyi. Wincci akan Menari Pole Dancing kat public buat pertama Kali

这个星期每一天都在密集练钢管舞,因为我将会为这个星期天的“2012大马钢管舞总决赛Malaysia Pole Championship 2012”当任钢管舞大使, 这一次将会是我人生第一场的公开钢管舞表演=D!!!

Date: Sunday 1 July 2012
Doors Open: 330pm
Venue: Club Stage KL Fashion Avenue

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