Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ep 21 Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia

Tonight will b one of the Most Surprised Master Chef Episode , tonight Ep 21, the biggest Mystery Box Challenge ever and 1st time in the history of Master Chef , we have a Superstar coming to our show as guest judge, stay tuned tonight 9 pm, Astro Ria 104 & Astro Mustika 134, Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia! Deng Deng Deng !

Episod malam ini Merupakan Episod yg paling banyak kejutan, Selain drp Misteri Box yg paling besar , kami juga dikejutkan oleh Kehadiran seorang Superstar ;) , Semua kejutan Akan disiarkan 9 malam ini Kat Astro Ria 104& Astro Mustika 134, Ep 21 Master Chef Selebriti Malaysia! Deng Deng Deng !!!

今晚的第21集Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia, 是有史以来最多惊喜的一集,今晚我们不但被最大的神秘箱挑战吓倒,我们也被一位神秘天后嘉宾吓到!记得今晚9点在Astro Ria 104 或 Astro Mustika 134;)! Deng Deng Deng !!!

One Malaysia Curry Puff

My first time making curry puff but this time I wanted to do something different and special for my idol Siti, this time instead of traditional Curry Puff I incorporated the element of one Malaysia and created Kam Heong Curry Puff and I named my dish as " One Malaysia Curry Puff"

Kali ini Merupakan pertama Kali Wincci buat Kari Pap, Dan Kali ini Wincci nak buat sesuatu yg Special kpd Idola Wincci jadi Wincci buat inti Kam Heong Ayam Dan Nama hidangan Wincci Kali ini Ialah " Kari Pap berirama Satu Malaysia"


Dato Siti Nurhaliza surprised us for Ep21 Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh My idol Dato Siti Nurhaliza was the Surprised Guest , tonight the challenge was to make her favorite Curry Puff

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Idola Wincci iaitu Dato Siti Nurhaliza yg menjadi Guest Juri, Cabaran Kali ini ialah membuat Makanan kesukaan beliau iaitu Kari Pap

啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊!原来这一集的特别嘉宾评审是我的偶像大马天后拿督Siti Nurhaliza,今晚我们的任务是要弄她喜欢的食物"咖喱酥"

My Dish 3S

What was actually inside the huge Mystery Box was a very muscular guy, the challenge of course was not to cook the guy haha instead the challenge was healthy meal for gym builder , thank you my dish titled 3S being the top 2 dishes of the night

Ohhh rupanya seorang manusia yg berada kat dlm Kotak Misteri, cabaran Kali ini bukan masak orang tapi masak Makanan yg Sihat utk Gym Builder , Hidangan Saya yg bernama 3S menjadi Top 2

原来神秘箱里藏了一位很壮的男生,这一次我们的挑战不是煮他哈哈而是煮健康餐给他;), 今晚我的作品3S被选为2强

Friday, June 29, 2012

Process of Learning

Yes these r my knees n hands ;), Process yg mesti dilalui, 必经过程

Another Pole Dancing Pic

Thanks Nasrul for taking this pix for me :)


Shooting with Viva Circus Pole Dancing Students

Pole dance rehearsal n shooting a pole dance documentary for Ntv7

Pole dance rehearsing for Sunday's 2012 Malaysia Pole Championship Showcase and later will be shooting a Pole Dancing Documentary for Ntv 7

为这个星期日的第一场钢管舞表演彩排,待会会为Ntv7 拍摄钢管舞纪录片

Pole Dance Rehearsal Bagi Show Ahad ini, Nanti akan shoot Pole Dance Documentary utk Ntv 7

Poster for Malaysia Pole Dance Championship 2012

The poster for this Sunday's 2012 Malaysia Pole Dancing Championship


Poster Utk Pertandingan Tarian Tiang 2012 Malaysia Ahad Ini

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Recording for my Malay Album

Recording with Ajai for my last song of my first Malay Album

Sesi Rakaman dgn Ajai utk lagu terakhir bagi Album Melayu Pertama Wincci


Recording for my Malay Album

Recording with Ajai for my last song of my first Malay Album

Sesi Rakaman dgn Ajai utk lagu terakhir bagi Album Melayu Pertama Wincci


Soo Wincci Facebook Fanpage exceeds 20,000 fans ;)

Thank you all for supporting, everyone of u all had indeed carved a significant meaning in my heart ,this figure provides me extra fuel to proceed onto the next level , heartfelt appreciations

Jutaan Penghargaan Semua, Wincci Akan lebih berusaha


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jia Yu Tv Channel Interview

After Launching , next agenda : Interview with Jia Yu Channel, thanks Liz n Kenny

Selepas launching, Jia Yu TV Interview, Terima Kasih Liz Dan Kenny

记者招待会后,去接受家娱频道的访问,感谢哦 Liz & Kenny

Asia Tropical Film Launch

Just now at Asia Tropical Film Launch Congrats

Kat Launching pagi tadi


Ambassador for Malaysia Pole Championship 2012

This whole week I will be having intensive pole training to gear up for the Malaysia Pole Championship 2012, this time I will be the Guest Artist Ambassador.  Apart from singing, this will be my first time performing pole dancing =)
special thanks to Viva Vertical Malaysia

Cabaran Wincci buat Minggu ini adalah, Intensive Pole Dancing training , Ahad ini Wincci akan menjadi Duta bagi Malaysia Pole Championship 2012=), Selain drp Menyanyi. Wincci akan Menari Pole Dancing kat public buat pertama Kali

这个星期每一天都在密集练钢管舞,因为我将会为这个星期天的“2012大马钢管舞总决赛Malaysia Pole Championship 2012”当任钢管舞大使, 这一次将会是我人生第一场的公开钢管舞表演=D!!!

Date: Sunday 1 July 2012
Doors Open: 330pm
Venue: Club Stage KL Fashion Avenue


Photo Shoot for Harian Metro

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Harian Metro Interview

After shooting for a travel log now going for Harian Metro Photo shoot n interview ;)

Habis Shooting sekarang pergi ke Harian Metro utk photo shoot n interview

拍摄完旅游主持节目,现在去为马来报Harian Metro拍摄和接受访问;)

My 2nd Tag line in Master Chef Celebrity "Redha Sajer"

Another Tag Line for this week's Master Chef Celebrity " Redha Saja " hahaha u all are so cute

Wincci's Tag line kedua utk Minggu Master Chef Selebriti ini " Redha Saja", hahaha

这个星期第二句的名句金言"Redha Saja"

My tag line of the week for Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia "Matilah Aku"!

Hahaha my new tag line of the week for Master Chef Celebrity " Matilah Aku"

Hahaha tag line baru Wincci bagi Minggu Master Chef Selebriti ini " Matilah Aku"

我的最新用词"Matilah Aku" 哈哈哈你们太可爱了模仿我说马来语

Ep 19 Master Chef Celebrity , Jehan Miskin

Another sad episode, I will miss u @jehan_miskin , our Sauce Man n Dessert King, it was awesome cooking together with u Cyborg Jehan, I agreed with ur statement " Money can't buy this priceless experience n friendship " All the best Jehan ;)!

Ep19 Master Chef Celebrity Elimination Round Challenge Malay Curry

Now on Astro Ria 104 The challenge for our Master Chef Celebrity Elimination Round is Curry Again but this time we have to create our own spices, oh No

Curry lagi, Matilah Aku!


Ep20 Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia : Blue team going into elimination round

Oh no our team lost, tonight 9pm , Astro Ria 104, or Astro Mustika 134, four of us will be going through elimination test in the kitchen of Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia , help us !!!

Matilah aku, kumpulan kami kalah Dan 9malam ini,Astro Ria 104 & Astro Mustika 134, keempat-empat kami Akan melalui ujian penyingkiran Master Chef Selebriti Malaysia , tolonglah kami !!!

惨咯,我们的对输了,今晚9点,Astro Ria 104 & Astro Mustika 134, 我们又要进Master Chef Celebrity 的淘汰赛了,救命啊!!!

Ep 19 Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia , Blue team Creation

This is our team's creation " Garden de Jardin"

Hasil kumpulan biru kami " Taman Nirvana Coklat"


Ep19 Outdoor Challenge of Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia: Chocolate Making

Yesterday's Out door group challenge was making chocolate at the Cocoa Boutique

Cabaran luar Semalam ialah buat Coklat kat Coklat Butik


Shooting for Passion Magazine

Shooting n interviewing at home for Passion Magazine ;)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Ep19 Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia Out Door Challenge

Deng Deng Deng, 9pm tonight Ep19 Master Chef Celebrity, Astro Ria 104, or Astro Mustika 134, another outdoor challenge, with one of my team mate tonight Jehan Miskin ;)

Deng Deng Deng, 9mlm ini Ep 19 Master Chef Selebriti kat Astro Ria 104, atau Astro Mustika 134.Apakah Cabaran Luar mlm ini? Dgn salah seorang Ahli kumpulan biru , Jehan Miskin

今晚9点,Astro Ria104 或 Astro Mustika 134,第19集Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia, 今晚又有什么户外挑战呢?我和我今晚蓝组的队员Jehan Miskin ;)

Last Destination of Tiger Sin Chew Chinese School Charity Concert , JB

Making up back stage, today will be the last destination for Phase 2 of Our Chinese School Charity Concert , performing at JB tonight


Today's Sin Chew Daily : News About Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia

Grab Today's Sin Chew Daily, Entertainment Section, News about MasterChef Malaysia

Sin Chew Daily Hari Ini, Berita tentang Master Chef Selebriti Malaysia, terima Kasih

感谢今天的星洲日报,我的Master Chef Celebrity 的报道

Chinese News about Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia by Spotlite

Spotlite web site:Berita Cina Online tentang MasterChef Malaysia kat Spotlite城人誌

Another Online Chinese News About MasterChef Malaysia Thanks to Spotlite

感谢 Spotlite ,我的主厨真人秀的报道

Online Chinese News about Master Chef Celebrity by OneFM

Berita Cina Online tentang Master Chef Selebriti Malaysia

Online Chinese News About MasterChef Malaysia Thanks to One FM

感谢 one FM ,关于我的主厨真人秀的报道

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thanuja Queen of Spices of Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia

Master Chef Celebrity is more than a competition, Now the result ain't that important, what matters more u cooked ur best for ur charity foundation , let's give a round of applause to Thanuja our Queen of Spices, I will miss u dear

2nd look

2nd look for tonight's concert ;)

Concert in Batu Pahat

Standing by back stage, concert in Batu Pahat going to start soon

Ep 18 Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia

Tonight 9pm, elimination round,Ep 18 of Master Chef Celebrity on Astro Ria 104, or Astro Mustika HD 134, I m not inside the elimination round as i went through the challenge yesterday and now i am one of the Top8, plz give ur full support to my fellow celebrity friends

Ep18 Pusingan Penyingkiran Master Chef Selebriti, 9malam ini hanya kat Astro Ria 104 atau Astro Mustika 134, mlm ini Wincci tak payah masak sebab Wincci semalam selamat masuk Top8, sila memberikan sokongan yg sepenuhnya kpd Rakan Selebriti yg lain

今晚9点第18集的Master Chef Celebrity的淘汰赛,这次我过关顺利进入8强,请给我其他艺人朋友们鼓励吧

Thank you fans from Batu Pahat

Thank you to all the little fans of Batu Pahat, truly appreciate the gifts n card;),

Terima Kasih kpd Fans Kat Batu Pahat, Comelnya semua,

感谢Batu Pahat的小粉丝们,你们太可爱太棒了,姐姐永远爱你们;)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Chinese Song "In My Heart" is Currently in the Hits Chart of Neway Karaoke

Thanks all for supporting my Chinese song " In My Heart" music video,my friend just sent me this and it's currently in the Hits Chart of Neway Karaoke thankssss u all r awesome and u all will always be "In My Heart",

Jutaan Penghargaan semua kerana Menyanyi Lagu Wincci kat Karaoke, Lagu Cina Wincci yg bertajuk " In my heart" ataupun "在我心上"sekarang kat Carta Hits Neway,


Performing at Batu Pahat tonight for Chinese School Charity Concert Tour

Happy Sunday everyone , on the way to Batu Pahat for Chinese Charity Concert Tour,

Happi Sunday Semua, Skg on the way ke Batu Pahat utk Konsert Amal Sekolah Cina,

星期天好,去着Batu Pahat继续为华教演出筹款

Ep 17 Master Chef Celebrity Malaysia

My Masterpiece for the 2nd Challenge of Ep 17 ofMasterChef Malaysia, " Oriental Chicken Garden" and  "Dragon Tai"

Hidangan Wincci bagi Ujian Sajian Pantas Ep 17, " Taman Bunga Cina", & "Dragon Tai"

我的作品,“东方花园鸡” & "Dragon Tai"

Friday, June 22, 2012

Performing at Raub tonight

In the bus now, on the way to Raub for tonight's concert venue


Play back of Master Chef Celebrity Ep13-16

Play back of Master Chef Celebrity Ep13-16 now on Astro Ria 104

Siaran Ulangang Ep13-16 Master Chef Selebriti sekarang kat Astro Ria 104

Astro Ria 104 现在正在重播Master Chef Celebrity 的第13-16集

Fans from Kuala Kangsar

Thanks so much to all fans from Kuala Kangsar ;), just reach KL, our next concert's destination for tmr will be Raub, night night all

Terima Kasih Kpd Fans Kat Kuala Kangsar, baru balik KL, esok Konsert kat Raub;), night

感谢Kuala Kangsar的粉丝们,刚刚回到家,明天会到Raub演出;),大家晚安咯

Laut Matang Forest

Visiting Laut Matang Forest with my fellow Artist Singers before heading to our Tonight's concert venue

Singgah kat Hutan Paya Laut Matang dgn Kawan Artist Cina Wincci sebelum menuju ke tempat Konsert kami utk malam ini ;)

还没抵达今晚演出场地前,我们到了宁静大自然的Laut Matang森林参观一下;)

I m inside today's Berita Harian too thanks

Also I am inside Today's Berita Harian ;) with my other singer Artists

Hari ini, Wincci dlm Berita Harian juga dgn Kawan Artist yg lain ;) Terima Kasih Semua

今天的马来报Harian Metro也有我的报道,感谢呀

Today's Harian Metro

Today's Harian Metro, thanks to my fans Ahmad for taking the pic n tagged me on Twitter

Harian Metro hari ini, terima kasih kpd Ahmad kat Twitter krn Mengambil gambar ini utk Wincci

今天的马来报Harian Metro感谢我的粉丝帮我拍起来

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chinese School Charity Concert at Taiping

Afternoon, today Chinese School Concert at Taiping,

Petang Semua, hari ini teruskan dgn Konsert Amal Sekolah Cina Kat Taiping,


Chinese School Charity Concert in Penang

Concert in Penang going to start soon, today's theme is 70s, will be performing a few 70s Songs

Konsert Amal Cina Kat Penang akan start dah, hari ini akan mempersembahkan beberapa buah Lagu ;)


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Second Round of Tiger Sin Chew Chinese School Charity Concert Tour Begins

Morning on the way to Penang for Tiger Sin Chew Chinese School Charity Concert Tour,

Wincci Sekarang on the way ke Penang utk Sekolah Cina Konsert Tour,


Today's Sin Chew Daily

Today's Sin Chew Daily, Surat Khabar Cina Sin Chew, 感谢今天的星洲日报;)

Berita Harian & Harian Metro Interview

Berita Harian & Harian Metro Interviews & Shootings ;) @alvinanthons

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shooting For Makna

With the Cyborg @jehanmiskin shooting for Makna The National Cancer Council