Saturday, February 11, 2012


My Acting Showreel

  Currently I am half way recording my new Malays album, just finished shooting a new drama titled “Justice” with media corp, going to launched my Chinese album and magazine on Valentines Day, doing my PHD and training for my upcoming music showcase . However, I managed to apply 3 weeks leave (Dec4th – Dec 23rd), to attend some courses in the UK, to improve my acting, singing and hosting skills.
·          I attended Master class in acting and TV hosting course at The London Film & Media Academy. (Which was voted as London's Top Acting School)


Master class in Acting (London Film & Media Academy)
  • ·         It was really intense and private.
  • ·         For acting class it was conducted by an experienced British actor Brian Deacon. It was really a fruitful course as the class was from 11am-6pm every day. Practically, we went through lots of theories and did a lot of practical scenes every day. The material which they taught was catered for each individual needs. Besides that, the mentor really trained us to get into the role and to let our sub conscious mind to take over us while on set, it was indeed mind cracking but really useful. On the last day of our course, we shot our show reel and we received our Certificate in Master class of Acting.
  • ·         The class was really private (One teacher to three students). I attended the acting course with one of my Malaysian Actress Friend, Pei Xuan. Also, the other class mate of mine was Miss Ghana Universe 2004, and we shared common friends, what a small world.
  • On the final day we shot our showreel which you can view from the you tube link

School of Method Acting
  • ·         Apart from attending acting course at the London Film Academy, I went for some Method Acting Work Shop during the weekend at the School of Method Acting.
  • ·         Basically, “Method Acting” is widely used in the western countries. It’s a method to immerse into a character deeply, which is to say live with the character off set and on set till the movie is done shooting.

Diet Continued

Enjoying my diet meal yum yum
Breakfast - 1Egg+ Grapes
Lunch- 1 slice of bread+ 1 bowl of Vege+ 1 Bowl of Soup+ 1 Egg + Green Tea
Dinner : Grapes and Hot Beverage

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dieting for the launch of my latest Chinese Album and Magazine on this coming Valentines Day

Getting myself ready for my latest Chinese Album and Magazine launch this Tuesday, Yes diet again
Breakfast- Papaya n Grapes
Lunch- 1 slice of Bread, 1 Half Boiled Egg, Green Tea and Vege
Dinner: Grapes n Milo

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

AVON GENICS healed my scar

I was involved in a car accident few months ago which left a huge scar on my shoulder. I was really afraid that it might not heal, however thanks to Avon Genics, the latest skin care range of Avon Anew which claims to reverse back our skin 10years younger. Without any second thoughts I apply just few drops of Avon Genics essence on my scar, within 2 months i healed miracally ,also i applied it on my face and it made my pores smaller and softer, thank you Avon!!!

You can get the product via

Friday, February 3, 2012

Diet Day 4

Diet Day 4
Breakfast : Choc Protein Shake
Lunch. : Vege, toufu
Snacks. : Guava
Dinner. : Salad

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Diet Day 3

Diet Day 3

Breakfast : Honey Lemon Juice

Lunch: Vegetables with soup+ 1 half boiled egg+ 1 slice of bread

Dinner: Fruits and Salad

Diet Day 2

Diet Day 2

Breakfast: Honey lemon Juice

Brunch: 1 Half Boiled Egg, vege, 1 slice of bread+ 1 cup of green tea

Dinner: Pomelo+ Dragon Fruit