Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eye Bro Embroidery by Qristina Lim at Face Image

I just went to do my eye bro embroidery. This is the Before and After picture of this latest embroidery technology. Its different than the old skills, whereby, this latest skill uses a carving technique rather than tattoo, hence the effect is very natural and it looks like real eye bro hair. The process will take about 1-2 hours. Firstly, the sifu will draw your eye bro using normal eye bro pencil then after you are satisfied with the shape of it ,the sifu will carve the "hair" of the eye bro one by one. This could last me for few years and now I can go out without make up, I did this at face image, by Qristina Lim (03-21449180)

绣眉前后照,我有眉毛了,我不用画眉了,手工真的栩栩如生,@QristinaLim造型化妆 (03 21449180)

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