Saturday, November 26, 2011

Afternoon in Beijing

I am really excited, hence after getting ready I came down for a short walk. It's freezing in Beijing, however I've equipped myself with a few layers of clothes. Now, I am going for a lunch meeting :)


Sungguh sejuk kat Beijing, Wincci telah memakai beberapa lapisan baju agar tidak berasa begitu sejuk. Sekarang Wincci Akan pergi bermesyuarat dengan Beberapa orang;)

Beijing trip

I just arrived in Beijing this morning , it's freezing cold here. Having my warm breakfast here while waiting for my room. Will be having few meetings later and I will be keep updating my status here since I can't log into my facebook


Baru sahaja sampai kat Beijing. Cuaca kat sini amatlah sejuk. Wincci sekarang sedang menyaji sarapan. Lepas itu Wincci Akan menghadiri Beberapa mesyuarat

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Women Weekly and Carven Ong Fashion Show

Last week, I did a walk for Women Weekly magazine wearing Carven Ong Creations. It was a night special dedicated to 2011 Malaysia's most outstanding Women of the year. Other celebrities involved were Xandria Ooi, Chelsia, Amber Chia, Stephanie Chai, Deborah Henry, Thanuja and Nadia Heng

上个星期为Women Weekly 杂志,穿着Carven Ong 的晚礼服走秀。当晚也是2011年马来西亚杰出女士奖的颁奖礼。

Minggu yang lepas Wincci bersama dengan beberapa celebrity yang lain membuat fashion show bagi majalah Women Weekly dengan pakaian Carven Ong. Malam tersebut khasnya bagi wanita paling unggul tahun 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tiger Sin Chew Chinese Education Concert Tour ,"Tiger星洲华教义演”

I have been busy running around the states of Malaysia for the Chinese Education Concert Tour. It's a really meaningful and fruitful trip as I have this golden opportunity to travel to various places of Malaysia to perform and also to contribute to the society. The theme for our performance this time is 60s, hence for the opening we dance and sing some famous oldies. The other singers who are part of the tour are Wang Yi Fei and Miao Miao, Tong Xin, Wu Jia Hui and Victor Lee. Also two foreign Taiwan singers join in the good cause too they are Bobby Chen and Kelly. We really had a quality time together. Not to forget all the hospitality and the scrumptious food;).


Beberapa minggu ini, Wincci sibuk dengan konsert amal bagi sekolah Cina. Wincci telah menyanyi kat 10 sekolah di Semenanjung Malaysia. Konsert ini adalah sungguh memenfaatkan Kerana Wincci bukan sahaja mendapat peluang keemasan untuk membuat persembahan tetapi pada masa yang sama Wincci dapat menghulurkan bantuan kepada masyarakat. Penyanyi lain yang terlibat ialah Wang Yi Fei Dan Miao Miao , Tong Xin, Wu Jia Hui dan Victor. Selain itu, Penyanyi luar negara Bobby Chen Dan Kelly juga melibatkan diri dalam konsert amal ini.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My accident encounter

Last few days ago, while I was driving on my way to Puchong Bandar Puteri for a Malay Tv program shoot, my car suddenly lost control and I bang hardly onto the road divider on the bridge . My car was badly damaged and I was admitted to the hospital for a night due to some physical injuries on my neck . I am alright now and had resume my work. Thank you everyone, media and friends for all the concerns and regards.