Monday, October 10, 2011

Shooting my latest media corp drama titled " The Law"

Sorry people as I haven been updating my blog for such a long period of time, I am back here, as I just downloaded a new I phone apps for blogging. Hence I will constantly share more of my updates here from time to time. Recently I am busy shooting my latest media corp drama titled " The Law", this time I am not acting as a lawyer but as the wife of an evil lawyer , a physco and mentally stress wife all due to the evil husband whom disguised himself as a good person. This is indeed a very challenging character as the husband keep creating illusion n constantly feeding the wife with medication to make the wife confuse between illusion and reality. Hence, this character is really tension and filled with emotions, there are lots of crying, beating, screaming, mind playing and fighting scenes. I find it really interesting and it's a great training for me. I ve tried crying non stop for 10 hours, and then everyday I came back with new bruises on my hands and also mind exhaustion. I could say that this is one of the most tiring role I've ever acted and we will be filming till January, there will be more hospital scenes coming up, stay tuned ......

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