Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My First Full Album Launch 24th Feb 2011 Thurs

Tomorrow 24th Feb 2011 Thurs will be my album launch. The press conference will be held at Avon Main office (Along Federal High way). Finally the big day has arrived. This time I will be launching my full chinese album (contains 8 Chinese Songs, 1 English Song and 1 Malay Song). I am so excited. After that I will be rushing to all chinese radio stations, so stay tuned people. Also, my album will be available in all CD stores starting tomorrow 24th Feb 2011, please Support ya, the name of my abum is / <盈光>

明天二月二十四号2011年,星期四是我的发片大日子。记者招待会将会在AVON公司里举行(在Federal High Way)。我这张首张全新专辑《盈光》收录了8首华语歌,1首英文歌和1首马来歌。当中,3首是7我的创作。我的唱片将会在各大CD店里发售。请大家多多支持哦!明天我也会上到所有的电台为我的专辑做宣传。请锁定各大电台哦!!!

24Febuari 2011, Khamis, merupakan satu hari yang amat bermakna kepada Wincci kerana Wincci akan Launchkan album terbaru Wincci yang bertajuk . Press Conference akan diadakan kat Avon Main office (Kat federal High Way). Cd Wincci akan dijualkan kat semua kedai CD. Selain itu, Wincci juga akan membuat promosi bagi Album Wincci kat semua Radio Cina, jadi stay Tuned ya=D!!!

11 am Press Conference/记者招待会 ( Avon Main Office along Federal High Way)

3 pm FM 98.8 Live Interview《街头乐霸》主持人皓敏和 Nick

8 pm FM101.8 My FM Interview with Jason 《贾森夜航班》主持人贾森

10 pm FM88.1 OneFM Interview OneFM快了点》 主持人KyanLucas

11 pm FM89.3 AI FM Interview《爱耍Young》主持人理强

Saturday, February 19, 2011

5 more days to my album launching

It's getting nearer, I am so excited
Please stay tuned to Fm98.8 for my latest song titled " 流传"
Fm98.8 会独家播放我新歌"怕"流传"
Sila mendengar Fm98.8 untuk lagu Terbaru Wincci

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Album Launching Countdown: 8days, stay tuned to One Fm88.1 for my latest song "Mi Mi Zhi Yin"

Album launching countdown: 8 more days
Stay tuned to one Fm 88.1 for my another latest song titled " Mi Mi Zhi Ying", This is the first time for me to sing such a sexy song
请锁定One Fm88.1, 将会独家播放我另一首新歌"靡靡之音" , 这是我第一次尝试唱一首这么性感的歌
Jangan lupa untuk mendengar One Fm 88.1 bagi lagu Terbaru Wincci yang bertajuk " Mi Mi Zhi Ying"

Listen to my fm for my latest song titled scary

Everyone Plz tune to My Fm 101.8 at 5pm today for my latest song " Scary" , this song is a song I composed one night during my ghost encounter, the chorus was whisper by the Ghost
今天5pm请锁定Myfm 101.8 将会首播我新歌"怕",这首歌是在我预鬼时写的,副歌部分是在我睡觉时,好兄弟哼给我的。
Sila mendengar My fm 101.8 untuk lagu Terbaru Wincci pada Pukul 5 pm

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Latest Album, "YING GUANG" Launch Counting Down: 10days, Part 1- My journey as a Singer

Words in Black- English
紫色字 - 华语
Tulisan Hijau - Bahasa Melayu

Picture from my latest Full Album titled

My album will be launching on the 24th of Febuary 2011. Time Flies, 10 more days to go. I have been in the music industry for almost 1 and a half year ever since my first EP launched in August 2009, and 10 years of singing experience (Since 16).


Album Cina Wincci terbaru akan dilaunchkan pada 24/2/2011. Tinggal 10 hari sahaja. Wincci dah menjadi penyanyi selama setahun setengah ( Ep pertama Wincci diterbit pada tahun 2009), dan Wincci telah menyanyi selama 10 tahun sejak umur 16.

My First EP which was launched in 2009

However, nowadays many still do not know that I am a singer, alot still recon me as Miss World Malaysia Winner /actress or a model.


Tetapi, kebanyakan yang masih tidak tahu bahawa Wincci merupakan seorang penyanyi. Banyak yang mengenali Wincci sebagai Miss World Malaysia/ Model ataupun Pelakon.

Miss World Malaysia 2008/2009 Winning Moment

Actually, I started singing, performing and my vocal lesson before I become a model or participated in beauty pageants. The reason why I participated in beauty pageants and various singing competitions is just to seek ways to step into the music industry.


Pada asalnya, Wincci bermula dengan menyanyi dulu, baru Wincci mejadi model and mengambil bahagian dalam pertandingan ratu cantik. Dulu oleh sebab, Wincci ingin menjadi seorang penyanyi Wincci sering mengambil bahagian dalam semua pertandingan nyanyian and pertandingan ratu cantik.

When I was 16 ( Performing With Jym on Stage)

Dueting With Jeanie


Also, the reason why I completed my Law Degree in the UK and also my Master in Business before I stepped into the entertainment industry, is to fulfill a promise between me and my parents. My parents said this to me before, " If you want to become a singer, please finish all your studies, otherwise we wont let you to sing." Due to this statement, I told myself, "No matter how hard it is, I must finish my studies as fast as possible and at the same time I will do my music and vocal courses part time ( Initially, I wanted to take music as my main degree)."
Honestly, I almost gave up my studies at the age of 19 and plan to go straight into the music industry, but I really thank my parents for forcing me to complete all my studies as now only I understand that education can bring me to a higher level regardless in any field of work. Hence, I am now doing my PHD in Business while fighting for my career in the entertainment industry. One of my motto in live, " We must non stop learning as long as we are still alive!"

此外,我为什么会到英国完成我的法律学士和我的工商管理硕士才踏入演艺 圈呢?原因就是我父母的一句话,“你如果想当歌手的话,一定要完成学业,否则,一切免谈!” 就是这个诺言,我对我自己说,“无论有多困难,我一定要赶快完成我的学业,还有我一定不会放弃学歌唱和音乐(原本,我是想念全职音乐学士学位,可是父母不 给,所以就Part Time学唱歌和音乐)。 说真的, 我差点想放弃学业然后去当歌手。可是,我感谢我父母的一番苦心,当时的我我明白为什么他们要逼我完成学业,现在我终于明白了。原来,学问是金,它无时无刻 都能帮到我,也让我拥有无限的发展空间,虽然很多人都认为,当歌手不用学问,可是当歌迷们的学问水准越来越高,我们也要拥有适当的学问去接触他们呀。所以 我现在除了为我的娱乐事业奋斗之外,自己还报读了博士学位。这一次不是被逼了。哈哈哈。所谓,“活到老,学到老!”

Selain itu, sebab Wincci mendapatkan Ijazah Peguaman kat UK dan juga Master dalam Business dulu sebelum menjejak kaki dalam bidang hiburan ini adalah untuk menunaikan kata-kata Ibu bapa Wincc. Mereka pernah memberitahu Wincci bahawa, " Jika anda nak menjadi seorang penyanyi, anda mestilah menghabiskan pelajaran anda dulu, jika tidak, kami tidak akan membenarkan anda menyanyi." Oleh sebab ini, Wincci berjanji dengan sendiri, " Tidak kira betapa susah, Wincci mesti menghabiskan pelajaran Wincci secepat mungkin dan pada masa yang same Wincci tetap akan belajar menyanyi dan menulis lagu (Kerana asalnya Wincci ingin mengambil muzik sebagai FULL time course, tetapi atas hajat ibu bapa Wincci terpaksalah belajar Muzik part time). Suatu ketika dulu, Wincci pernah ingin berhenti belajar dan menjadi penyanyi terus, tetapi Wincci bersyukur bahawa Ibu Bapa Wincci memaksa Wincci untuk menghabiskan pelajaran Wincci kerana sekarang barulah Wincci tahu bahawa betapa pentingnya ilmu. Ilmu bukan sahaja dapat meluaskan pandangan Wincci tetapi juga dapat membawa Wincci ke tahap yang lebih tinggi. Ia secara tidak langsung membantu Wincci dalam bidang hiburan ini. Jadi, selain daripada kerja sekarang, Wincci juga sedang membuat PHD dalam Business. Wincci berasa bahawa "Selagi kita hidup, Selagi kita mesti belajar"

Graduation in the UK

Frankly speaking, at times when people said to me, " I didnt know that you are a singer, sorry cause I seldom listen to local music". Well, I am a bit upset and tired at times. However, I dont blame them. In fact, I will blame myself for not working hard enough and use this is as a great motivation tool for me to strive better and to reach out to more people.I thank everyone who had supported me also I thank those who look down on me before. I really hope that one day, everyone will recon me as a SINGER and I really hope that the whole world will love my songs. I also wish that very soon in the near future, I could have my own Huge International Concert tour. No matter what I already told myself, " I am going to work as hard as possible and go full force in building my entertainment career, then I will have no regrets in my life."

老实 说,常常当有人对我说,“我不知道你是唱歌的,对不起,因为我很少听本地音乐”,我难免都会不是很好过。可是我没怪他们,只怪我不够用功,我只好把他人的 话化为力量,让自己更加用功。我感谢支持我的人,也感谢曾经看不起我的人。我希望有一天我的歌声和音乐会得到大家的认同,也希望可以完成我开自己的大型国 际演唱会我深信,“望天不负有心人”,只要我曾经付出过,我就没遗憾了。

Kadang-kala apabila orang kata, " Saya tidak tahu bahwa anda penyanyi juga kerana I kurang dengar lagu Artist Malaysia", Wincci pastilah berasa kecewa. Wincci tidak menyalahkan mereka, tetapi Wincci menyalah diri sendiri kerana mungkin Wincci tidak cukup rajin. Jadi, Wincci transform kata-kata mereka sebagai sumber motivasi untuk Wincci berkerja dengan lebih kuat dan rajin. Wincci ingin merakamkan jutaan penghargaan kepada semua yang menyokong Wincci dan juga kepada siapa yang pernah berpandang rendah terhadap Wincci. Wincci berharap bahawa suatu hari nanti, seluruh Dunia akan menyukai suara dan lagu Wincci. Moga- moga impian Wincci untuk membuka Konsert International sendiri dapatlah dicapai. Wincci berjanji bahawa Wincci akan cuba sedaya upaya dalam mencapai impian Wincci.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My latest songs from my new album titled "Ying Guang" will start to be aired today on all Chinese Radio Station

Stay tuned to all Chinese radio station, today will be the first day for all radio station to air my new songs from my latest full album titled "Ying Guang", I m really excited, Plz support ya, wishing everyone a happy valentines day
Lagu Terbaru Wincci Akan mula dimain kat semua Chinese radio station pada Hari Ini , happy valentines day