Friday, January 7, 2011

Avon Voices -Singing Competition to Hollywood, now having audition in Malaysia, Open to females, at least 18 years old and above

Ever want to be a star in Hollywood? Now it's your golden opportunity to sing your way to international stardom. This competition is organized by AVON, one of the international leading brand. This competition is seaching for two extraordinary female singers with that special "somthing to record a professionally produced album. In the finals you will be judged by international judges like singer Fergie, Diane Wanne and Etc.

If you or your friends are interested please read the following instruction.


Come and show us your talent. It's really simple, you just have to sing one of the songs from this song list:

And then you will be judged by Alyah (Singer), Soo Wincci ( Miss World Malaysia/Singer/Composer/Actress/Model), Linda Jasmine (Dance Cheographer) and Marsha (Singer/Actress)

Date: 16th Jan 2011 (Sunday)

Time: 10am- 5pm (Last registration-2pm)

Venue: Aras 2 Stesen Sentral KL

Contact for more info: 1800-22-2866 or log on to

After this stage, there will be a semi finals in Hong Kong and then the top ten finalist will be competing in USA for the finals. Therefore what are you all waiting for? Hurry up, all females out there, this is your chance to shine. Remember you just have to be 18 and above!!! See you there=)


~eRiC~ said...

awww... was so excited until "Open to females" ... hmm

beauty queen turn singer said...

Aiyah, Nevermind sure got alot of chances next time