Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gallbladder Detox and Gallstone Flush, 排胆石

Stones inside my body

Recently, I just did this Gallbladder Detox program. It's a really simple detox plan which you could do it yourself. This detox plan not only could eliminate all the stones and toxin inside our body but also you could loose weight. You will be shocked by the amount of the stones inside your body. All these stones are all the toxins inside our body which normally causes loads of illness. If our body keeps on accumulate all these stones, we need to go for operation. Hence, before we encounter any sickness, we could detox our body by just doing this simple plan.

Ingredients: 7 bottles of Organic Apple Juice (1 little)
150ml of Organic Grape Fruit Juice
150ml of Organic Olive Oil
2 tsp of Organic Epsom Salt

Day 1st - 6th Day- Consume one bottle of Apple Juice Everyday, No fried food,
preferably cut down meat. Drink loads of water

7th Day - This day is very important. Consume 1 bottle of Apple Juice.
- No solid food intake after 2pm
- At 6pm Add one tsp of epsom salt into a cup of water and drink it
- At 8pm again add one tsp of Epsom Salt into a cup of water and
drink it
- At 11pm, mix 150ml of olive oil with 150ml of grape fruit juice
in a shaker. Then stand beside your bed. Shake this mixture
around 20 times, then drink the whole mixture quickly in one go.
Instantly, lie down on the bed for 20 minutes.(* DO NOT STAND
UP during this moment) Preferably go to bed straight away.
8 th Day - As you wake up, place a basket inside your toilet bowl,the
stones will come out via pass motion. Rinse the basket with
water, the remaining objects will be all the stones
- On this day, preferably consume more healthy food


Ky said...

Nice advice...Will try it out..Thanks! ;-)

beauty queen said...

ya most welcome, very natural and healthy

Chriztopher C said...

Hi Wincci, Its a good way it out and flush all gallstone. I am deeply regret I didn't surf your website earlier as I just removed my gallbladder two months ago. Sigh.

Sigh said...
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Sigh said...

these are oil globs from drinking that oil, which u drank o.o

real medical studies with real clinical trials proved it's not gallstones, instead it's olive oil or whatever oil you drink before the process of shitting that oil in globby form.

try to smear these so called stones...if they are smeared then they're not gallstones. if they arent then they are gllstones, which isnt the case in your picture. it oil globs.