Thursday, August 19, 2010

Part 2- The Picture which snapped the face of the Ghost Spirit

After encountering all the incidents, I was already in low spirits. All the crew and cast members were really worried about me. At one point I think most of the people around me thought that i was crazy.

Besides myself, there was one time after sharing my ghostly encountering, one of my make up artist, Hody felt a cold shiver and then she was sick for almost one month. She went to see so many doctors but could not be cured. Hence, she went to see some chinese sifu and they told her that "A Water Ghost" was following her. She went back and did some prayers. Miracally, she recovered.

Then, some of the cast members also encountered some spiritual experiences. There was one scene which was shot in Cameron Highlands. William San told me that on the first day, while he was sleeping inside the hotel, "Something" was disturbing him and his bed was shaking vigorously. Undoubtedly, he changed his room after that incident.

Subsequently, the main actress Tiffany Leong was disturbed by a "Lady Ghost" early in the morning and "She" told Tiffany to leave the hotel room angrily. Tiffany and Bing Yu who were inside the same room instantly left the room.

Well, this was the very first time I really see the feature of a spirit and to encounter so many incidents. I know everyone of you all might think that it's too dramatic but it's true. People who knew what was happening to me at that point of moment were all worried. Some cast members even told me that, at some point, I was not acting like myself. When I was sleeping at night, I could sense "Something" was staring at me. Also, the more I sleep, the more tired I would get.

Honestly, this 4 months seemed like 4 years to me. I have learned so many things and really thankful for all the supporters around me to help me overcome this hard period.

We finished our shoot around April this year. Recently, all the cast members went for some interviews to promote this drama as the drama will be out starting 23rd August 2010, every Mon to Thurs 10pm on Ntv 7.

Just 2 days ago, there was one interview where me and Alan Yun (my husband in this drama) was sharing our experiences about this drama. Undoubtedly, I was sharing my spiritual experiences to the reporter. As I was half way talking, he suddenly said this to me, " Wincci, there's something we all have been hiding from you for almost 4 months, I am not sure should I tell you?"

Obviously, I told him to tell me. He told me that, during my last day of shooting, he was having fun with his newly bought Black Berry Phone. Then he decided to try out the camera by taking the pictures of me while I was shooting. He shot few images of me and there was one picture where he noticed something weird about the picture and as he enlarged it, there was some spiritual image staring at me. He passed me his phone and showed me the pictures. I was shocked as I enlarge the picture on my computer screen. Inside the picture, on the left black corner, there was a half faced Blue-Coloured Man with eyes and nose staring at me. I asked him," How come you did not tell me before this?" Alan replied, "Actually, some of the cast members already knew about this and we all planned to hide it from you as that point of moment you were already stressed up and frightened by your own encountering."

Seriously, I really thanked Alan and the rest of the cast from hiding this picture from me at that point of moment. Otherwise, I think I will be even frightened.

Then, during the press conference for our drama yesterday, the main actress Tiffany told me that actually there was one day after I shared my ghostly experiences with the casts, one of the director was just making some jokes about all this spiritual encountering. As he went back, he was disturbed by "Them". "They" knocked on the door and then hit his head.

Lastly, I am going to share this precious picture of my very first time to witness the real ghostly image on screen. Honestly, this is a raw picture without editing. Also, co incidentally, the first episode of our drama will be aired on the 23rd August, which is the exact day of the hungry ghost festival. A lot of people might think that this is some gimmick to promote our drama, however everything is such a co-incident and everything is true. We never expect to capture this ghostly picture and we never expect this drama will be aired starting the exact date of the hungry ghost festival which is 23rd August ( 14th July of the Chinese Calender).

First Normal Shot by Alan Yun

Second shot by Alan Yun's Black Berry where he noticed something peculiar on the far left up corner of this picture

After enlarging it, you could clearly see a half faced blue-coloured men with eyes and nose. (Try zooming on your computer, you might even get a clearer view)
*I swear that his is a raw picture we did not edited this extra image inside*

I really hope that all our efforts for this drama will be paid off and hopefully it turns out good. I am really excited to see our hard work on screen starting this coming Monday 23rd August, 10pm, Mon to Thurs On NTV7.

I guess that spiritual beings exist in this world and as long as we do good things and pray hard, "They" wont disturb us. HAPPY HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL!!!


Anonymous said...

Wincci, I am sorry to hear what has been happening to you. I hope you are ok now. You've a kind heart. So long as you keep that in mind and pray hard. Everything will eventually work out well. Gambateh. :D Shenley *hugs*

beauty queen said...

Gal thanks so much for ya concern, I will stay strong

Anonymous said...

gal....even though i pity you for what has happened to you ...i just doubt that the incident really is true doubt is base on the photo that you showed come blackberry shot and camera shot are identical? if alan were to use his blackberry to shoot the picture least the angle and photo that come out should be different from the original photo ....

beauty queen said...

well he snapped a few times, then just one of them appeared to have something there, i can swear to GOD we didnt edit or do anything to it, seriously