Thursday, August 19, 2010

Part 1- My True Ghostly Experience behind the shooting of Injustice

After tonight's headline on the newspaper I know everyone wanted to know about the real story. Well, let me write about it in detail.

Cast: Tiffany Leong, William San, Chong Jin Siang, Tong Bing Yu, Qi Ming, Emily, Alan Yun & Myself

Few months ago, I started to shoot this new drama titled Injustice . This was my first time shooting a Drama (Apart from my previous sitcom Mr Siao). The whole shoot took about 4 months.

Styling for my role as Rebecca

Upon reading the script, I was selected to play a strong business women role named Rebecca and who was married to Yu Shen (acted by Alan Yun). For my role this time it's really dramatic, inside the drama, I almost experienced everything. I started with a really career-minded women, then i experienced a miscarriage, followed by my husband having a relationship with one of my trusted secretary Jin Chun (acted by Emily). Then, as my husband was about to come back to me, I was raped by one of my admirer Simon (played by Shui Fa). Subsequently, I discovered some dark secret of Shu Man (The main actress played by Tiffany Leong). Then, I was murdered by Shu Man and Hao (played by Qi Ming).

Our shooting schedule was really tight. Most of the days, our call time was 5am and we shot till 1am. Hence, most of us slept less than 5 hours per day and we shoot everyday from Monday till Sunday. We shot for almost 4 months. Hence, my body was already really weak at that point of moment. In addition, few incidents happened which really triggered my emotions.

First Incident : Robbery
During the first few weeks of the shooting, my house was broke into by a gang of robbers. I could still remember, one day before the incident happened, the crew from Media Corp last minute changed my call time from 5am to 7am. Around 4am, my maid heard noises thinking it was me as usually my call time was 5am. However, the noises was getting louder and it went on for an hour. At around 5am, my maid felt weird and she woke up to check. To her horror, she saw a bunch of men was trying to break into the house. For your information, there were 2 security doors and a slide door at my living hall. The moment my maid came out to check, they were stucked with the last sliding door. The robbers noticed my maid and they even speed up their actions. My maid was so frightened that she ran up to wake my parents up. My parents and maid quickly locked the door and called the police. Then, they screamed from the window. The robbers were really in anger and they were frustrated that they could not remove the last sliding door. They used their long "Parang" knife and slashed all our cars. Subsequently, the police arrived. As I woke up to get ready for shooting, the robbers already left and the police were outside. Fortunately, my father's old car was parked out side the house ,hence, for that few days of shooting, my father has to fetch me as all the 4 cars were damaged by the robbers. It was really difficult for me as I was shooting Injustice and Mr Siao Part 2 . Well, I really Thank GOD that the crew changed the call time as if I came out from the house earlier who knows what would happen. Also, another miracle thing was that, the sliding door we just added it 1 month ago as one of the Feng Sui Fortune Sifu told us that the door was not good hence he told us to add another door to block all the "bad Chi". THANK GOD it really saved all our lives.

All the cars were damaged

2nd Incident: Grandpa past away

During the second month of shooting, my beloved grandfather past away. I have to stop all my shootings and went back to Ipoh for his funeral. I was really sad as I seldom spent time with him due to my busy schedule.

R.I.P Grandpa

Before he passed away, he requested a karaoke session during his funeral. Undoubtedly, I sang a few songs and I specially dedicated a Hokkien Song to him. While I was performing, I was in tears. When he was still around, he always asked me to sing Hokkien Song for him but I will always tell him this, " Grandpa, let me sing Chinese song for you first and i will learn some Hokkien Songs later." Shamefully, the only time I sang a Hokkien Song to him was during his funeral. Sigh, we must really appreciate the ones we love before it's too late.

Grandpa Funeral

3rd Incident : Killing and Dying Scene

On the other hand, in this drama I was killed. For this scene, I was threw down from a building. It was a dangerous scene and there was a stunt man as well. We shot this scene in an abandoned building. The floor was really dirty and I could even see lots of used needles (Those used by drug addicts) on the floor. I lifted up by some wires and then dropped down from the 3rd floor. It was such a priceless experience for me.

Then I was supposed to lie down on the floor for my dying scene. It was really painful for me as I must not move for an hours and i was lying on a pool of fake blood which was made of Red Coloured Sugar. By the time I finished the shot, the ants were already crawling inside my hair and I had a bad headache as a result of lying on the floor for an hour. Also, my whole face wear really itchy as the floor was filled with dust. After we finished this scene, we rushed to another venue to shoot another action scene where I was supposed to be injured by some falling boxes. Honestly, it was really suffering as we have no time to bathe and we have to complete all the action scenes within the same day.

4th Incident: Ghostly experience in Sabah

In between our shooting, I went to Sabah for some singing performances. As I was taking a nap inside the hotel, suddenly,I was awaken by "Something". As I opened my eyes, I could see a hand on my head, then as I turned my head to the left, I could see just a man's head (Without the body) lying beside me. The moment I saw that, I was already in fear. However, I told myself that I must be calm and I prayed as hard as possible. That time, my body were pressed by the "Man" and I could not scream or move . The "Man" kept laughing loudly. I battled for an hour then he left. Straight after this incident, I changed my room.

As I came back to KL, I went to see some Chinese Sifu and prayed in the temple to cure all these things which was happening to me.

5th Incident: Funeral Scene
After that, I continued with my shooting. The next challenging scene was my funeral scene. We shot this scene in Memorial Park. The crew set up the exact funeral scene and I was supposed to sleep inside a real coffin. It's kind of weird to see your own funeral. Frankly, It really gave me ghost bumps.

6th Incident: Ghostly Experience again in my bedroom
Few Days after the funeral scene, something weird happened again. I could still remember, there was one day when I was still sleeping, "Something" sat beside me as I could feel that the side of the bed was pressed down by something as if "Someone" was sitting beside me.That time, my door was locked from inside hence no one could come in unless I unlock the door. I did not dare to open my eyes. So, I prayed hard and "it" went away. As I opened my eyes, I saw no one but my arm was filled with finger-print size of bruises.

As a result of the hectic schedule and all this unbelievable things happening, my nerves almost broke down. All the cast members were really caring and William San even brought me to see a LAMA from Tibet to cure all this incidents.

Then one day, my mom brought me to see this Sifu and before I even said anything, he asked me, " How come ya whole body is surrounded by black coloured Aura?" The Sifu then went to my house. He did some prayers and sprinkled some water around my house. Then he told me that there was 3 spirits inside my room, 2 men and 1 lady. He even told me that they've already followed me for 1 year plus. Well, honestly before all these incident happened, I already felt a bit weird while sleeping inside my room as I could really sense something. However, my parents thought that it was just my imagination.

TO be Continued.......


vincent said...

Thanks for sharing I shall pray for you, K?

Anonymous said...

Vincent, you are very kind. However, your prayers will not reach Ms Soo. She needs to see a psychiatrist.

Kenny Tan said...

OMG already follow you one year... that means since you enter this field? damn soi ler... stay strong and take care.

She doesn't need a psychiatrist.

Tinge said...

wincci, take care...and remember that need to pray always yaa...

beauty queen said...

Thanks so much people will pray more and also becareful

Arthur said...

Will be praying for you Wincci. Keep strong in faith and character and nothing can touch you. Your old friend, Arthur Phang :)

Ky said...

Hello, I'll pray for you too. Keep up the good work. There's a few links here that might interest you regarding the 'ghostly incidents' you mentioned. Actually, I ever encountered it a few times myself and my friends as well. After seeking for answers and my own research, I found out that, it was actually a phenomenon called "Sleep Paralysis", which very often happens to some people who are very often in tired or exremem tiredness.
Here are some links you can refer to:
Take care! ;-)

beauty queen said...

Hey Ky thanks so much, yap I ve heard about that , however this time I saw a head sleeping beside me and "He" was laughing at me.

Ky said...

You're welcome. :-)..Erm, regarding that, chances are you're actually hallucinating, which is fairly normal in cases of sleep paralysis. You can refer to this article, which further confirmed the possibility:
especially the sub-headings that refers to Sleep Paralysis. Actually you don't have to worry too much. Try to have as much rest whenever possible. I'm sure you'll get better as the time goes.^^