Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Part 1-Group 3-同班同学( 娛協獎)(Yu Xie Jiang)

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Group Members:

Myself as the group leader

Diana, a really great singer with strong music background

The band Li Wai Ren (Daniel, Danny, Jaydon, Rambo)
A really magnificent band with their original music

Kok, a talented singer and composer

The Young and talented Suki

The talented singer and dancer Hao Ren

Hey there, the Malaysia PWH Music Award is here again. As we acknowledge, it is held once in every 2 years. For this time, there are 25 groups of newcomers. 25 groups are divided into 4 groups and these 4 groups will perform together in the Newcomers Concert on the 1st of August 2010, at Leisure mall at 7pm.The best group which won will be performing on the actual day of the Award. Hence, please come and support us. This time, in my group, which is group 3, our group name is 同班同学, which is "Classmates".
The reason why we chose this name is that we are now the same bunch of newcomers and we are all as if in the same classroom. Therefore, we need to be united and help each other in order to gain success. Our Members for group 3 are, Hao Ren, Soo Wincci, Suki, Diana, Kok, Li Wai Ren ( Jaydon, Rambo, Danny, Daniel).

两年一度的娱协奖又来临了。这一次,我们中共有25组的新人。25组的新人被分成4组。然后,我们会在新人演唱会表演(8月1日,7Pm, Leisure Mall).获胜的那一组将会有机会在娱协将当晚表演。所以,请你们来支持我们哦。 这一次,我们是第三组的“同班同学”。我们认为我们新人就像一班同学在一个课室,只要我们能同心协力,就会成功。我们“同班同学”的组员有, 好人,Wincci 苏盈之,Suki 刘纾妤, Kok 李诚洧,Diana 刘婉莹,例外人 (Jaydon, Rambo, Danny, Daniel)

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