Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CUP(With Every Click, 10cents will be donated to the children)

Receiving Certificate on Stage

Performing on Stage

I am honored to be the peace ambassador of Universal Peace Federation. Currently, there's a new campaign called CUP. This campaign is to raise money to help the children in Cambodia to gain access to clean water. With just every click on www.cup.com.my , 10 cents will be donated by the sponsors. Hence, please help this good cause by just clicking the link, the more you click the more donation the kids will get.

我很荣幸成为UPF和平大使,最近我们有一个活动叫CUP. 这项活动是要为Cambodia的儿童筹款。在那的儿童很多都没有清洁的水用,也因此,很多的儿童患上了疾病。所以希望你们可以游览www.cup.com.my.
只要你click "Donate" ,10 Cents 就会由赞助商捐给他们。

Wincci berasa amat bangga untuk menjadi duta bagi Universal Peace Federation. Project yang terbaru dari UPF ialah CUP. Kampen ini adalah untuk mengutip derma bagi kanak-kanak di Cambodia. Sebagaimana yang dimaklumkan, sumber air di Cambodia amatlah tercerma, justeru itu, kanak-kanak di situ tidak dapat menikmati sumber air yang bersih.
Sila layari www.cup.com.my.
Dengan setiap Klick pada "Donation", pihak sponsor akan menyumbang 10sen kepada mereka.

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Anonymous said...

Why are you "honored" at being an AFP which makes you a promoter of Sun Myung Moon? Moon boasts about the leaders of the AFP taking training in his ideology/religion and promoting his world plot. Like most, I am sure you have no real understanding of what the AFP are ( hint: if you buy what Moon followers and those they have deceived feed you on the subject you are making a huge mistake.)
The Moon kids now taking control of the organization admit that ALL organizations created by Moon have one primary purpose, to promote Moon as the messiah. The UC does not and never has had any other purpose.

search "japan moon spiritual sales" and see where the Unification Church makes the money to print up your AFP certificate. Moon's youngest son who is now head of the "church" and the UPF recently boasted that one Japanese family sold everything they had and gave it to Moon. This included their home and even their children's college funds. In a shocking admission, he said that the family didn't want to sell all they had, they were crying when they had to move into a small apartment. This is the control they work for over poeople's lives. He admited that the UC has "dehumanized" their members in Japan. It is really, really disgusting what the UC rationlaizes is OK to do because Moon, in their conditioned minds, is the "messiah." Moon teaches that Jesus is a failure who now serves Moon's dead son in heaven. Moon's son says that all the past saints and sages, including Muhammad(PBUH) all bow before Moon. Moon also claims he is G-d incarnate, G-d's equal.

Though I am sure you are deserving of recognition, that is what you are now part of promoting.

search "fraser report freedom of mind" for a congressional investigation of the Moon org and you will learn some of the tactics they deploy like using "service" as a hook to snag people.