Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grand opening of Islee Boutique

Tomorrow 25th July Sunday, it's the grand opening of Islee Boutique in Kota Damansara (Add: 32-2, jalan pju 5/16, dataran sunway, kota damansara,PJ). This is their 5th shop. They already have 4 boutiques in the Northern Region. The unique about this Boutique is that they design and manufacture all the attire all by themselves .Hence, the price range is really reasonable and the quality is good. ISLEE carry in-house designer's Ready-to-Wear casual/contemporary apparel, ranging from leisure attire, smart office wear, and evening gown. In addition to the fabulous apparel line, ISLEE features other accessories, such as handbag, waistband and intimate wear for women, so they can get everything under one roof. ISLEE is the illustration of modern boutique that could perfectly maximize the comfortability of customers. I did a few shots with them before and this is their latest collection. They were also the attire sponsor for my first singing album.Do support them=D!!! You can also purchase online via

明天七月25日,星期天, ISLEE 服装店终于开张了。(地址:32-2, jalan pju 5/16, dataran sunway, kota damansara,PJ)。这是他们的第5间分行。 ISLEE Boutique 的特别之出是他们拥有自己的独特设计和自己的制服工厂。所以,价钱不但廉宜而且品质高。 ISLEE Boutique 的服装款式很广,有休闲衣,上班衣,和礼服等等。此外,他们也有售卖一些装饰品,包包,腰带等等。真是应有尽有。之前,我也帮这间服装店拍摄了几次的照 片,他们也是我的专辑的服装Sponsor.我超爱的。=D!!!你们也可以往上购买

Esok, 25th Julai, Islee Butik akan dibuka di Kota Damansara (Add :32-2, jalan pju 5/16, dataran sunway, kota damansara,PJ). Butik ini merupakan butik yang kelima. Islee Butik menjual pelbagai jenis pakaian. Bukan sahaja terdapat pakaian kasual, pakaian kerja, tetapi juga ada pakaian formal. Selain itu, mereka juga menjual banyak accessories, beg dan banyak lagi. Wincci pernah menjadi model bagi Butik ini dan mereka juga merupakan sponsor bagi album Wincci.=D!!!Anda juga dapat menbeli online

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Part 1-Group 3-同班同学( 娛協獎)(Yu Xie Jiang)

All of our albums

Group Members:

Myself as the group leader

Diana, a really great singer with strong music background

The band Li Wai Ren (Daniel, Danny, Jaydon, Rambo)
A really magnificent band with their original music

Kok, a talented singer and composer

The Young and talented Suki

The talented singer and dancer Hao Ren

Hey there, the Malaysia PWH Music Award is here again. As we acknowledge, it is held once in every 2 years. For this time, there are 25 groups of newcomers. 25 groups are divided into 4 groups and these 4 groups will perform together in the Newcomers Concert on the 1st of August 2010, at Leisure mall at 7pm.The best group which won will be performing on the actual day of the Award. Hence, please come and support us. This time, in my group, which is group 3, our group name is 同班同学, which is "Classmates".
The reason why we chose this name is that we are now the same bunch of newcomers and we are all as if in the same classroom. Therefore, we need to be united and help each other in order to gain success. Our Members for group 3 are, Hao Ren, Soo Wincci, Suki, Diana, Kok, Li Wai Ren ( Jaydon, Rambo, Danny, Daniel).

两年一度的娱协奖又来临了。这一次,我们中共有25组的新人。25组的新人被分成4组。然后,我们会在新人演唱会表演(8月1日,7Pm, Leisure Mall).获胜的那一组将会有机会在娱协将当晚表演。所以,请你们来支持我们哦。 这一次,我们是第三组的“同班同学”。我们认为我们新人就像一班同学在一个课室,只要我们能同心协力,就会成功。我们“同班同学”的组员有, 好人,Wincci 苏盈之,Suki 刘纾妤, Kok 李诚洧,Diana 刘婉莹,例外人 (Jaydon, Rambo, Danny, Daniel)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Avon Anew White Serum

Try this Brand New Anew White Serum, I really love this one so much as it really improves my skin texture

Cubalah Serum Anew White yang baru ini, kesannya amatlah bagus sekali

最新的ANEW White Serum 效果, 果然是超棒,而且价钱也很廉宜

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CUP(With Every Click, 10cents will be donated to the children)

Receiving Certificate on Stage

Performing on Stage

I am honored to be the peace ambassador of Universal Peace Federation. Currently, there's a new campaign called CUP. This campaign is to raise money to help the children in Cambodia to gain access to clean water. With just every click on , 10 cents will be donated by the sponsors. Hence, please help this good cause by just clicking the link, the more you click the more donation the kids will get.

我很荣幸成为UPF和平大使,最近我们有一个活动叫CUP. 这项活动是要为Cambodia的儿童筹款。在那的儿童很多都没有清洁的水用,也因此,很多的儿童患上了疾病。所以希望你们可以游览
只要你click "Donate" ,10 Cents 就会由赞助商捐给他们。

Wincci berasa amat bangga untuk menjadi duta bagi Universal Peace Federation. Project yang terbaru dari UPF ialah CUP. Kampen ini adalah untuk mengutip derma bagi kanak-kanak di Cambodia. Sebagaimana yang dimaklumkan, sumber air di Cambodia amatlah tercerma, justeru itu, kanak-kanak di situ tidak dapat menikmati sumber air yang bersih.
Sila layari
Dengan setiap Klick pada "Donation", pihak sponsor akan menyumbang 10sen kepada mereka.

Monday, July 12, 2010

July Issue of Health Today

Get the New Copy of the July Issue of Health Today I am on the cover of it=D!!

我是这一期Health Today 的封面人物=D

Dapatkan Magazine Health Today=D!!!

Thanks for supporting

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Eclipse Premiere in Kuching Star Cineplex

I will be the celebrity guest for the Gala Premiere of Eclipse @ Star Cineplex, Kuching, 7th July(Wed),9.00pm.
Special thanks to Bjarne Wong and Star Cineplex =D!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

SOO WINCCI Sarawak Promo Tour and MV Shooting Schedule

Hey People, I will be coming to Sarawak to promote my singing album titled.I really wanted to thank all the sponsors,Allen ,Bintang Mega Mall,Park City Mall,Hill's Shopping Mall,Kenny Sia's Gym.Thank you to Hilton Hotel for providing us venue of accommodation and shooting. Also, my gratitude to Lip Kong(Ai FM DJ) to host my promo tour.Special thanks to our local famous director Bjarne Wong and his team for planning and shooting a brand new MV for my new song titled<看见>. So please come and support me=D!!!

July2nd(Fri) - 1st Floor New Wing Bintag Megamall(8pm)(Miri)

July3rd(Sat)- Park City Mall(8pm)(Bintulu)

July4th(Sun)-Hills Shoppting Mall (2.30pm)(Kuching)
-MV Male Selection @ Kenny Sia's Gym(7.30pm)

July5-7th- MV shooting for 看见 by Bjarne Wong

July 7th(Thurs)- Twilight Premiere@Star Cineplex(9.30pm)
-Wrap Party @ Hilton's Cafe (10.30pm)