Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Red Crescent Society Charity Concert With Beyond Artists

Hey People, I am back from Taiwan. Well, things been really busy .Oh ya, as you all acknowledge, I am now the ambassador of The Malaysia Red Crescent Society. This Sat, it will be my first ever Charity Concert with the Red Crescent Society. This concert will be on this Saturday 26th Jun, @ Melaka Equatorial Hotel. For more information, you could log into the Malaysia Red Crescent Society website for more information.
I will perform a series of my own songs as well as some cover songs.
大家好,我刚刚从台湾回来。一回到马来西亚,我就忙着我的工作了。对了,最近,我被委任为大马红新月会的代言人。真的很荣幸。这个星期六,26th June,我将会在马六甲Equatorial Hotel,和红新月会主办一场慈善演唱会。目的是要帮红新月会筹款。更多详情可以到马来西亚红新月会网站查询。
当晚,我会现场一连串唱我专辑里 的歌和一些Cover Songs.

Besides me, some new artistes from my company will join me as well for this concert. Featuring, Ms Cindy Chen(1st Runner-up for Miss World Malaysia 2008/2009),
当晚,除了我之外,我的同门师弟师妹也会跟我同台表演。他们是Ms Cindy Chen(第一副大妈世界小姐),

Mr Yew Han Baker ( A talented Uk-Malaysian New Artist),
Mr Yew Han Baker ( 一位英国歌手),

and, XOXO girl band (They are a bunch of sexy, talented young girls. The members are Dalvin, Renee, Kyan May, U-Wen, Crystel and Lea.)
XOXO girl band (一组漂亮美眉组合.成员有 Dalvin, Renee, Kyan May, U-Wen, Crystel and Lea.)

Therefore Come and Support us ya in Melaka, see you there=)!!!

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