Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Album finally exceed 5000 copies in Malaysia=)

EP Cover

Hey People, so sorry that I 've been not updating my blog recently as I am really busy. Currently I am in Taiwan. Oh ya, I 've got a great news to announce, my album sales have exceeded 5000 copies in Malaysia. Hence, my manager Dominique who said that he wont cut his hair unless my album reaches 5000 copies, finally had his hair cut by Miko Salon.

I just wanted to say that, nowadays, it's not easy to cut an album, especially in Malaysia, hence I really wanted to thank GOD and everyone who had supported me. Special thanks to SAMSUNG and also my company Beyond Artist Management. Also, a huge thank you to my Superb Manage Dominique Chiu ,my boss Amin,my malay manager Wan and Nora. Without you all, I wont be where I am today. Thanks once again. I will work harder and harder, I promise that I will never ever let you all down.

Before Hair Cut

Miko Starting to Cut Dom's Hair


Dom's Hair

I still remembered, when I first released my album, everyone was doubting on me. Some came and told me that I should not step into the music industry as it's not easy and alot of them are having a hard time. Some even said to me that, at the age of 24, it's hard to come out as a singer. At the beginning I was really having a hard time. I was disappointed at first facing with lots of hardship. However, with strength, determination, and never ending hard work, we can really transformed a stone to become a diamond.

This time, I truly understand that if there's a wheel there will be a will. Do not always think that it's impossible. However, everything is possible. A Successful person is a person to create something new and not to follow the trend. Do not over listen or being influenced by the others. Be Wise and smart,As your destiny lies in your own hand.Also, a succesful person is a person who believe in themselves when everyone do not believe in him. I know people say that do not always dream big, however everything started from a dream.So, start a dream and work towards your dreams.Also, do not care what people say, if you have the talent and believe in yourself, you will create a miracle. ALL THE BEST!!! LET THE POSITIVE AURA OVERCOME THE NEGATIVE AURA=D!!!

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哈咯大家,现在的我身在台湾。我有个大好消息,我的第一张EP 《苏盈之》已经破了5000张了。而我的经理人,阿DOM,终于可以剪头发了,因为,之前,他说过如果我的专辑没破5000张的话,他就不会剪头发。所 以,他也刚刚在MIKO哪儿, 把头发给剪了。

其实,唱片在马来西亚,真的是不容易做。所以,我有今天的成绩,我很感激上天及所有支持我的人。特别感谢SAMSUNG和我的公司Beyond Artist Management. 还有我的超级经理人DOM和老板AMIN。还有我的马来经理人Wan和Nora没有了你们,我也不会有今天。我答应你们,我会继续努力,再创奇迹。

还记得,刚刚要发片时,所有人都以有色眼光来看扁我。很多人,都来劝我不因该踏入唱片行,因为真的很难。有的还很嘲笑的说,“24岁当歌手,不会太老 吗?,现在的公司所有都是会签年轻的歌手。”
说真的,听了这些话,我的心的却以冷了一半。而刚刚发片的日子真的不好受。 可是,我相信王天会不负有心人。只要努力,有方向,有梦想,终于可以雨后看到彩虹。而我也真真的体会到天下没有不可能的任务,只要你肯努力,一定可以成功 的。
而且,我也深信,一位成功的人,就是一个创新的人而不是一位跟着潮流的人。此外,一个成功的人也是一位当所有的人看不起他的时候,他还会很理智的相信自 己。所以,不要常常被其他人的冷言冷语影响自己,因为我们的未来是由自己创造出来的。所以,我们因该相信自己,努力向梦想前进,创造奇迹。


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