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29th April 2010 was my big day =) as it's the AVON press conference to announce me as the spoke person for Avon ANEW . Really excited=)
29th April 2010 对我来说 是一个大日子。 因为,今天是AVON 的记者招待会。今天,AVON就会正式公布我为AVON ANEW 的代言人。真的很期待。
29th April 2010 merupakan hari yang amat bermakna bagi Wincci. Ini adalah sebab, hari ini merupakan Press Conference bagi Avon untuk mengumumkan Wincci sebagai Duta AVON ANEW secara rasmi.

Around 8am, me and Dom were already doing our rehearsal at the One World Hotel. Straight after that, I went to do my make up. Then, we headed to Bangsar for an AIM interview. It was really rush for us as after we finished our interview and photo shoot, we rushed back to One World Hotel again for the press conference.
大概8am, 我和我经理人Dom 已经在One World Hotel 做彩排了。过后,我便去化妆了。化一完了后,我便赶到Bangsar去接受一个AIM的访问。访问结束过后,我们又回到了One World Hotel。
8am, Wincci dengan Manager Wincci,Dom sudah berada kat One World Hotel untuk membuat rehearsal. Selepas itu, Wincci pun pergi bersolek. Apabila siap make up, Wincci pergi ke Bangsar untuk satu interview bagi AIM sebelum balik ke hotel untuk Press Conference.

At 2.30pm, all the guests and media were already seated. Then the lights went off with only one spot light on stage. I walked out slowly singing the song " Sunlight" , wearing a purple gown from Carven Ong Couture.
2.30pm,所有的媒体朋友已经到齐了。记者招待会正式开始。一开始,我就穿这一件由Carven Ong 设计的紫色晚礼服,唱了一首英文歌"Sunlight".
Pada pukul 2.30pm, Press Conference Avon pun bermula. Saya, menyanyi lagu English yang bertajuk "Sunlight". Pada hari ini, Wincci memakai gown yang direka oleh Carven Ong Couture.

After the song, the Emcee officially announced me as the spoke person for AVON ANEW WHITE.
唱完后,司仪就正式宣布我为AVON ANEW 的代言人。
Selepas itu, Emcee megumumkan Wincci sebagai Duta AVON ANEW secara rasmi.

Mr Mansoor Wan Abdullah( President Avon Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam),Sarah Mc Intosh(Director, SEA Cluster), Angela Fang Yue Chen (Vice President, Regional Marketing Asia Pacific)

Subsequently, all gathered on stage to reveal the AVON ANEW 360 White Series to everyone.
As the music rolled in, we all lifted up a box and the products were revealed. After photo session, we proceeded to the 2nd and 3rd hall to launch the lips sticks and also the fragrance.
As the guests were inside the 2nd hall, I went for some interviews with some local chinese press. where I shared some of my experience using Avon Anew.
我和所有的VIP就上台揭开AVON ANEW 360WHite Series。然后,我们就一起拍个大和照。过后,所有的嘉宾就到第二和第三的礼堂。而我就被安排和几位华语报的记者接受访问。分享一下我的感受=).
Seterusnya, saya dengan semua VIP naik ke pentas untuk upacara perasmian AVON ANEW WHITE. Selepas semua tetamu pergi ke bilik yang seterusnya, Wincci pula ditemuramah oleh beberapa wartawan.

Lastly, we all had a group photo and the event ended.
Akhirnya ialah sesi pengambaran.

This was not the last agenda of the day as we still need to rush for an event in KLCC.=) It was a tiring day for me but i really enjoyed myself. I just want to say THANK GOD and Thank you to everyone who had supported me. Also special thanks to AVON MALAYSIA=).
这不是当天最后的通告,当晚我还要赶去KLCC去出席一个活动。今天虽然很累但真的过的很充实。我想感谢上天和所有支持我的人。我更要感谢AVON MALAYSIA=).我爱AVON=).
Selepas Press Conference Avon, Wincci bergegas ke KLCC untuk satu event lagi.
Hari ini amatlah sibuk tetapi Wincci berasa gembira sekail. Wincci ingin merakamkan jutaan penghargaan kepada MAHA ESA dan juga semua orang yang telah memberi banyak sokongan kepada Wincci. Selain itu, Wincci juga ingin menerima kasih Avon. Aku cinta Avon=).

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