Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sports Toto JS (Jacky& Sammi) Super Stars Singing Competition 2010 (Prelimary Round)

Li Qiang, Me, Boon, Guo Xiang

Li Qiang, Mua, Guo Xiang and Boon

Li Qiang and Mua

William (Sports Toto Marketing Manager) and Me

After watching Asia Pop Diva A-Mei's concert last night, I woke up at 5:30 am to get ready to go to Kuantan for JS Superstars Singing Competition 2010. (I just slept for 2 hours as i was practicing my songs till 3am) For this time, I will not be a judge but I will be the guest artiste to grace the event.

This is my first time visitng Kuantan. After a quick Brunch, we are now standing-by at the backstage. (PS: I am now blogging inside a tent behind the stage) The competition is going to start very soon. I can see that all the contestants are already prepared.

Each contestant is supposed to sing either Jacky Cheung or Sammi Cheng's song. The judges for today is Guo Xiang and Boon Huat, whereas the emcee for today is Li Qiang from AI FM. Well, for this competition, the most important tip is not to immitate the original singer, but to sing with one's own style. Also, the most important element is the "feel" of the song. So Best of luck to every one.

I think I need to warm up myself first as I am going to perform one of Sammi's songs and also my new Mandarin single "Firefly".

PS: If anyone would want to participate in this competition, you can still log on to Sports Toto website for more info as there are few more rounds of prelims. =)

昨晚看完了《阿密特》演唱會之後,我就在家裏一直練歌到淩晨3點鐘。才睡了不過兩個小時多就起身準備到関丹,擔任Sports Toto《張學友鄭秀文歌唱比賽》初賽的表演嘉賓。


今天的每一位參賽者只需要表演一首張學友或鄭秀文曾經演繹的一首歌曲。今天坐鎮把關的有《你好,Mr. Siao!》的導播陳溫法大哥及著名填詞人張國祥大哥,大會司儀則是上星期我剛上他節目的AI FM DJ 理強。

這不是一場模仿大賽,剛才和評審們閒聊了一會兒,評審要尋找的是唱出自己風格的參賽者,即好像要把張學友的歌唱成自己的歌。。。天啊,好高的難度!我個人認爲,把歌曲的Feel 唱出來才是最重要的,祝大家好運咯,加油!


PS:在此呼喻大家,如果還想報名參加的,還有幾場的初賽等着你哦!欲知更多想詳情,請趕快遊覽Sports Toto的網站吧!

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