Friday, April 16, 2010

Ice Kacang Puppy Love《初 恋红豆冰》

Few Days ago i just attended the premier for our local malaysia movie titled . The dress code for the night was formal wear. Hence, I gotten a dress from Carven Ong and headed to Miko Salon to style up my hair.

Around 7pm I reached millennium hotel. All the celebrity gathered at the hotel then they would fetch us to pavilion for the red carpet ceremony. As I reached the hotel, I saw most of the star were in semi formal dress.Then I thought to myself,"Oh no I think i over dressed." Luckily, my partner Chris Tong dressed in gown as well. So Both of us walked the red carpet together in our luxurious gown.

The movie started around 9pm, before the movie started, Ah Niu and the cast eg Gary Chao, Lee Xin Jie,Penny Tai, Fish Leong and etc gathered on stage to greet everyone. All of the cast purposely flew back from overseas to support this local film

My Opinion: Frankly speaking, before i stepped into the cinema, I did not expect much from the film. However, I must salute to this film and I could proudly say that this is one of the best malaysian movie i ever watched. It was such a funny and heart touching movie. The story line was simple but the soul of the movie really kept us concentrated and entertained. Even my partner Chris who needed to leave early as she has early shooting the other day could not help herself but just remained seated till the end. Also, mostly everyone was in tears as it was very touching. Besides that, the director really brought out the character of each role. Moreover, the scenery and quality of the film is superb. If I would to grade this movie, i would mark this movie 200%. Seriously, watch it and you will understand =)

The most touching part was at the end of the movie, all the casts broke into tears as everyone stood up and applauded. I must say I am impressed with Ah Niu's hardwork and spirit. This movie had been his dream for almost 8 years. Also, that night I am really touched as the whole hall was filled with our local malaysian celebrity. The night really signified the unity among malaysian celebrity.

I just want to say, we as Malaysian should support our own local artiste as there are so many talented people. Being an artiste in Malaysia is not as easy as other country, therefore, we all should always stay united=).

Once again this movie really made MALAYSIA BOLEH=)

几天前,我出席了《初恋红豆冰的》首映。当晚的dress code 是晚礼服。所以,我就穿Carven Ong 的晚礼服然后到了Miko Salon去弄头发。
大概7点我就到达了Millennium Hotel。所有的艺人们都在那集合。然后,都有专车载我们到达目的地去走红地毯。可是,当我到达酒店时,我看见很多艺人都没有穿晚礼服。我心想,“惨 了,我想我穿得太隆重了。”当时我真的很想夺起来。可是,幸亏,我的Partner 童冰玉也穿晚礼服。 而且,我们也不约而同set 了差不多一样的头发。真的是心灵相通。=)

首映大概9点开始。开始前,所有有份参与这部戏的演员们都在台上感谢我们所有人的到来.所有艺人如曹格,栋梁,静如,阿牛 等等都从国外飞回来支持这部片。

好棒的首映礼,,好感人的友谊,,好有诚意的电 影~~《初 恋红豆冰》~~赞!


Wayne Ng said...

i also agree with u malaysian need to unity

Anonymous said...

hmmm..i think Wincci is walking the sexy line, with such sexy and daring dress..sure many guys is crazy about wincci now...i dream of wincci in this dress yummy!!!!

NiK! said...


All of us at truly love this movie very, very much and hope Ice Kacang Puppy Love gets MORE attention from the mainstream movie audience.

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P/S---Love your blog. Keep it up!