Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boutique Owner Conference

Sometime ago, I was introduced to the boutique owners of Avon during the conference for Avon Boutique owners in a local hotel.

I arrived at the hotel very early in the morning to get myself ready for the big day. Around 10am, when the conference started, I was at the backstage, while my heart was beating fast. As the master of ceremony announced, "Put your hands together for Miss SOO WINCCI, the new spokesperson for Anew Skin Care", I walked to the stage and did my beauty queen wave. I was overwhelmed by the crowd’s cheers and applause.

Right after the introduction session, I took photos with the boutique owners until we all went for a rest in the hotel room for the evening event.

After changing into my Carven Ong’s gown, I went to the dinner hall and stand by for my performance. The theme for that night was ancient China. Everyone dressed up the best they could. I performed 2 of my own songs; and and 2 cover songs; by Christina Aguilera and Dato Siti’s .

I am touched by the hospitality of the Avon’s team and their working spirit is superb. I am proud to be part of Avon and for me this is not just a usual business relationship but it's more like a family member of Avon.

There will be more to come, hence stay tuned =)

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