Sunday, April 4, 2010


I checked into Pan Pacific Hotel one night before the main event. We reached the hotel around 10pm. However, I did not go to bed early as i have to sign 300 Cds.

Singing CDs in my room

The second morning, I woke up 7am in the morning to have my make up done. Around 9.45pm I changed into my gown. The name of the gown was "Jewel of the Pacific" This was the gown which I wore during Miss World Pageant in South Africa. After wearing my crown and my sash, I went down and stand by for the main event.

As I reached the ball room, something caught my sight. I saw the banner for ANEW White with my face on it. This was the first time ever i saw the end product of that day's photo shoot. Nonetheless, I quickly took a picture with it.

With My Make Up Artist


The event started around 11am. As they called my name, I walked gracefully up to the stage from the main door. With my crown and sash on, it really brought back a lot of miss world memories to me.
Standing By

Subsequently, I shared my very own experience of using ANEW White product on stage. At the same time, I gave everyone of them one of my singing album as a little present for them.Then, we all have a group picture together.

Rozita, Mansoor, Me and Maizawati

After that, I went to another ballroom for sound check, as I will be performing later. I also met Marsha there.

Sound Check

From left: Me, Marsha and Maizawati

With Elaine

After rehearsal, I went back to my room and quickly took a quick nap as I did not sleep much yesterday.

Around 2pm, I changed and went down to the holding room for the next agenda.

Taking Pictures Backstage

The event started around 2.30pm. The whole ballroom was filled up with glitters. After most of the awards were presented to all the top seller, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil arrived. She was the guest of honor for the event.

Lastly, two top winners were crowned on stage and I performed "Seindah Biasa" as the closing song.

I really enjoyed myself with AVON family. Everyone from Avon is so dedicated and always filled with high spirits. Also, I am truly honored to be the spokesperson for Avon ANEW Skincare =)!!!

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d3vil doll said...

I want a piece of that signed album....

Btw,u look great in Avon shoot