Sunday, March 7, 2010

Avon ANEW Skin Care Briefing

To all my fans, friends and family, I would like to announce that I have joined the big family of Avon as the spokesperson for Avon ANEW Skin Care.

To be frank, I am honoured to be the first Chinese spokesperson for Avon. Since young, I have heard about Avon. Alongside, my mom and aunties love to use their cosmetic products, especially Avon lipsticks.

Well, as you all acknowledged, I am a person who is really particular about skin care products. I am always in search of affordable and effective facial products. Frankly, I've tried numerous brands in the market and if I do come across some nice ones, I will definitely recommend to my friends and family.

Nevertheless, as the spokesperson of Avon ANEW Skin Care, I must definitely test and try the product to discover its effectiveness.

Therefore, I went for a product briefing with Avon team before Chinese New Year. After understanding the range of products they have, they gave me few ranges of products to try. Also, recently, due to my busy schedule, I only have 3 hours of sleep per day and my face became more sensitive. Moreover, I did not even have time to visit the beauty salon for some facial sessions. My condition got worse when rashes started to appear all around my cheek. And so I told them about my problems, and was introduced to ANEW Rejuvenate. This is a marvelous intervention; with just 5 simple steps using this set of products, it's equivalent to having a facial done in the beauty salon. The best thing about it is that I could do it all by myself at home and also the cost is much more cheaper than visiting the beauty salon. Especially now =)

This was the picture of my face before using (as a result of my crazy shooting schedule of before CNY), will let you guys see the results in my next posting. =)

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MaS said...

While I try anew 360 white set a small pimple come out at T sad..

is it really work for your skin?Please share.