Saturday, February 6, 2010

MR Siao Season 2

MR Siao Season 2 is back again with more laughter and humour. Recently, we shot a Chinese New Year Special which will be aired during Chinese New YEar. Hence, remember to watch it on NTV7 ya.
MR SIao Season 2 又卷土重来了。 最近我们拍了两集的新年特备节目。即将会在新年期间播出, 所以记得锁定NTV7=)

Busy shooting Media Corp Drama, ,《血蝴蝶》

Recently, I am busy shooting a new Media Corp drama titled, Injustice . The schedule is quite tight, at times, I only sleep for 3 hours per day. In this drama, I acted as a strong career minded women who was married to Alan Yun. It's quite challenging as there will be a lot of emotions involved. This drama will be on aired on NTV7 very soon. Remember to support us ya.

最近,我都忙着在拍一部新的电视剧,《血蝴蝶》。拍摄的时间都很紧抽。 有时候,一天我只睡三个小时。在这部剧,我饰演一位女强人。Alan Yun 饰演我的老公。这部剧蛮挑战的,因 为在情绪上有很多的变动。 这部剧即将会在NTV7 播。所以一定要支持我们哦=D!!!