Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Dominique Chiu

Friday, January 8, 2010

Taiwan Part 4-Concert&Meeting the Taiwan President

With the President of Taiwan MR MAH Ying Jiu 马英九

With Jam Xiao 萧敬腾

With 强辩

With Xiaohuangqi 萧煌奇

With Guo Cai JIe 郭采洁

With Guan Liang 光良
With Ding Dang 叮当
We went to the back stage early to meet the officials of Taiwan and also other clebes whom will also be performing on that night. After an hour of waiting, I still see no trace of the performers. Suddenly, I saw a bunch of body guards came in and finally I saw the President of Taiwan, MR Ma Ying Jiu. I was too excited and I screamed his name, He stared and waved at me. However, he did not stopped down his footsteps as he was rushing to go up to the stage to officiate the concert. I quickly wait near the stage in order to snap some pictures with him. After officiated the concert, he came down but his body guards stopped us from taking pictures, fortunately, he was really nice, he stopped and the guards only allowed the VIPs to take pictures with him and I was one of them. I was really honoured. He then, came and shook my hands and asked ," Are you Malaysian Chinese?" I replied," Yes Sir". Oh mine, my heart was beating so fast that it almost felt out. He was really tall and handsome. After that, my manager , Dom, asked me to calm down and prepared for my performance. When my name was called, I walked to the middle of the stage and performed my song 《一眼梦幻》,I was so touched that i have this golden opportunity to represent Malaysia as " Peace Abassador" and performed in front of 30,000 audiences. I tell you, the feeling was superb, I felt like as if it was my own concert. I could hear people screaming my name and waving at me. Also, my music video was broadcasted on the big screen. Besides that, the show was live broadcasted as well=)!!!After my performance, I went back stage and took pictures with all the performers. I met Guang Liang, Guo Cai Jie, Ding Dang, Xiao Jing Teng, Xiao Huang qi and etc. It was really a fulfilling and memorable day, I told myself, in the future i ll come back and have my own concert there as well=)!!!
然看到一群人进来.我的心突然跳的非常得快,因为我看见了台灣統總馬英九會面.我兴奋的叫了他一声.他很亲切的和我握手,并用英文问候了我:”Are you Malaysian Chinese?”我就点点头.那时候的我,脑里一片空白.心更好象要跳出来.




Friday, January 1, 2010

aiwan Part 3-Community Services & Signing Autography session

The next morning we woke up early and went to do some meaningful community services. We visited some old folks. After that, there was a mini album signing autography session. I was so touched as within 15 minutes,100 of my albums were sold out. t care much.