Monday, December 28, 2009

Taiwan Part 2-Gala Dinner

As we reached Taiwan, we quickly went to get ready for that night's performance. I performed the art of Mask Changing and sang a song from my singing album. I also had a golden opportunity to sing the theme song with Emmy Award Violinist Winner, Mr Jamie.Straight after that, we went back to bed as the next morning we have to wake up early for more activities.我们一到台湾,我们就赶快地忙着准备当天晚上的演出.在当晚的世界和平大會開幕晚宴上我就一邊變臉,一邊表演《半開的秘密》.此外,我還與格林美得主、小提琴聖手占美合作大會主題曲《Where Peace Begins》过后,我们便会去酒店休息。因为隔天早上我们还有许多的活动及演出。

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