Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Taiwan Part 1

We woke up early in the morning and sat a flight to Taiwan for the Global peace festival. My make up artiste ,Karen even drove down straight from Johor and met us at the airport. This time, we were very lucky as we have the golden opportunity to sit Business Class(When we were booking our air tickets, the price of business class seats were cheaper than normal seats, so we opt for business class=)). Upon arrival, my make up artiste did my make up on the plane.
一大早起来,我们便搭飞机去台湾。我的画妆师更特地从Johor 搭车下来机场回合我们。这一次,我们很幸运因为有机会乘坐Business Class。(当我们定购机票时,Business Class便宜过普通座位,所以我们当然选 Business Class)。此外,要到达目的地时,我的化妆师还在飞机里替我化妆。

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