Friday, October 9, 2009

Miss World Malaysia 2009/1010

It's been a memorable and fulfilling reign for me as Miss World Malaysia 2008/2009. I would really like to Thank GOD, my family, Datuk Vincent Lee, Amin , My manager Dominique, Beyond Events & Artiste Management, DDB PR, DDB Naga, Milk & Co, Rap Colins, Model.Com and also everyone who have supported me.

Miss World Malaysia has indeed transformed my life. After I was being crowned, I was actively involved in charity work, acting, and my favourite part was producing my singing album.

Well, I still remembered how surreal it was when my name was announced as Miss World Malaysia.

This year's Miss World Malaysia goes to Thanuja. 1st runner up Stephanie Chua and 2nd Runner up Christy. Congratulation to all of you girls. You all have done a magnificent job.

This year's Miss World Malaysia was held in Sunway Pyramid. It was the first time to be held in a mall. That day it was packed with people and the atmosphere was really great. I performed 3 songs.

For the opening I was being dressed up like Cleopatra and I was wearing this wig on my hair. The funny part was that, no one could recognize me, even my parents.

Then for the closing, I wore my crown and performed another 2 songs from my singing album.

Also, one day before the gala night, we had a reunion night with the 2008 finalists.

I really miss those pageant days. It was really fun and memorable. Also, it was a great training ground for me. As I always say, winning is not everything and losing is not the end of the world. Competition is very subjective.

I remembered I used to participate in so many pageants and never once I won 1st. At one point, my family and friends told me this,"Wincci, please don't join anymore pageant to embarrass yourself." I was really heart broken and at times I lost my confidence. I cried endless times and even wanted to give up. However,I kept telling myself that giving up is not the solution and "Never Try, Never know". Also, failure is the key way to success. Besides that, in order to achieve our dreams, we have to be firm of our vision when everyone look down on us.

Therefore, if you have a dream, go chase it and believe in yourself=). Also, do not be afraid of failures=)!!!

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