Wednesday, September 23, 2009

88水災籌款活動晚宴,Taiwan Fund Raising Gala Night Dinner)

Me, Vincent and ManHand

ALL the celebrities


Jeanie, Karen Kong, Eric, and Me

With the band

Counting the Donation

Jeanie and Mua

Jeanie,黄明志,Karen Kong and Me

Vincent (Host from Hong Kong)

Artistes from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan gathered together to raise funds for the Taiwan Victims. It was such a meaningful event.

For the gala night, Jeanie and I duet a song titled "I ll be there". At the end of the show, Me, Jeanie, Karen Kong and Eric sang the theme song of the night. We managed to raise more than RM200k. We hope that the donation amount would not just stop there as the victims still need our sincere help=).

Click here and here for some of the online news of this event.

This is the video for the press conference. Enjoy

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Allison said...

hahaha.. cant believe that is really Jeanie until i saw ur caption. Jeanie's my senior from high sch. Both of u had great voices, so it's great to see the both of you singing together. :)