Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Music Journey

A lot of people may not know my journey in the music industry. Here I would like to share it with all of you.

It's always been my dream to become a singer. I have been singing in the choir since primary school and went for professional vocal training since 16 years old at Lee Wei Song School of music and Halo Music school. Ever since then, music had become the manifestation of my soul.

With Lee Wei Song ( Stephanie Sun's Teacher)

I met alot of people during my years in the music school. A few of them which were in the same music school as me back then, had now become famous. Eg: Quincy, Jym, Chelsea, Yen Hue, Ma Jian Hong, Jackson Phang, Tony, and etc


I wanted to study Music as my main degree. However, my parents would not allow me to do so. Hence, I took up law degree and studied music part time.

Everyday after college and university, I would spend most of my time in my music school rehearsing and practicing . Before I attained my driving license, I remembered my mom would fetch me to classes everyday and waited for me for hours.

Taking pictures backstage @ Bukit Jalil Stadium during Stephanie Sun Concert

Performing @ Fan yi Zhen and Melody Meeting the Fans session

Besides that, It was not easy at all to juggle between my law degree and also singing lessons. Almost every week we would have performances. I performed in Jacky Cheung's Fans meeting session, Stephanie Sun's Concert, Fan YI Zheng Meeting the Fans Session , represented Malaysia to compete in a group singing Competition in Taiwan and alot more. Not only we need to practice singing but also we need to practice dancing.

At times, I almost fell asleep while driving back home. There was once, I really fell asleep while driving alone. Then something miracle happened. I heard a voice whispering to me " Wake up! Wake Up!" Thank God, the voice woke me up, otherwise ........However, till today, I have no idea where did the voice come from?

Chelsea, Me and QuincyBack Then when I was 16, ME and Jym( Now he is one of My FM famous DJ)
Music school Friends

Preparing Back Stage ( @ Taiwan) Representing Malaysia in a Group Singing Competition

Also, i have been participating in various singing auditions and competitions. I think in every competition, you would see my face there. I did face obstacles and I did let a lot of chances slipped away.

I think in every singing competition, auditions and beauty pageants, you would see my face there. At one point, people started to criticize and confronted me, " Why are you taking part in so many competitions? Dont you feel tired of failures?"

Even my family and friends told me to stop dreaming and be realistic.

I replied to them: " Failure is the key way to success. If this time I fail, nevermind, I will work even harder. The reason I took part in competitons as I want to become a singer. Also, we live life for once. If I don't try, I will regret for the rest of my life. Moreover, I am not just dreaming but I am dreaming with action."

Undoubtedly, at times I felt restless and was even thinking of giving up. However, I kept reminding myself, " I can, I can do it." Many times, I hide my sorrowness and cried alone in the room. Each time after crying, I would tell myself, " Be strong, Don't give up."

I still remembered, last time, whenever I was on stage, my leg would shake. However, I did not gave up, I kept telling myself that "I can do it". At times, there would be a lot of audience watching ( around 5000 audience while performing at Stephanie Sun's Concert and around 10,000 audience during Jacky Cheung meet the Fans Session). However, not every time there would be a lot of audience. At times, there was just like less than 10 audience and we still need to be professional and performed our best. Also, Singing and dancing is not enough, hence, I kept pushing myself to compose my own song and to sing and play on stage.

Although, I went to further my studies in the UK, I did not stop performing. Back in the UK, we did performances in our University as well. I remembered everyday in the UK, I went for classes in the morning till everning. Then straight after that I would go for rehearsal everyday from 5pm-10pm. Then, when I am back home, I still need to study all my law books and do assignments till late night.There was once, I danced too much until I could not even get up from my bed. I did not tell my parents about all these activities in the UK as I knew that they would stop me from doing all these.

Somehow, at one point I almost neglected my studies. However, I tried my best to concentrate by locking myself in the room for almost one month to study all my law books. For that whole one month, I did not do my laundry, my room was in great mess and I survived on instant Noodles and just plain rice with seaweed and chicken floss. It was really too extreme. However, when I saw the smile on my family's face during my graduation day, everything was worth while.

Performing in the UK

At times, It is very discouraging when your family members and friends looked down on you. I remembered once my father asked me to stop everythind and concentrate in my studies. I cried to him, " Papa I promise you that I will finish all my studies, but plz just support me. I just want to sing and perform. Otherwise, I will not have inspiration in life."

Now after getting Miss Malaysia Title, finally I can come out with my own singing album. I am really touched. I remembered one of my singing teacher came up to me and said " How come you are so determined to become a singer even you are a beauty queen now?, every competition i see you, and now i am happy for you as your dreams finally came true . All your hard work really worth it" It is a very long route for me to come to realize my dreams. However, this is not the end but a new beginning for me, I will work even harder and achieve all my goals and excel in life=). Once again, I would like to THANK GOD, my family, friends and also to those who looked down at me before, as you all are the ones who strengthened my determination.


D said...

All the very best in the launching of your new album!

I am so proud of you...

Wendy Sue said...

wow....the part where you say how discouraging it was when your family and friends looked down on your singing, I can so relate to that!

Well, good on you to have finally made it! :)

Wendy Tan said...


I'm truly inspired by your great determination in realising your dream..I'm sure your life will a be a great inspiration to many many others as well =)

One life, live it to the max!

Aaron said...

Very encouraging true story of you. Enjoy reading your journey of life.

God create you for a purpose. Got beauty, talent, brain and have strong motivation in life. Keep in up.

All the best in your new album. Will buy a copy and pass to you to sign on it originally. =)

Have a blessed day.