Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2nd Music Video titled 一眼梦幻 ( Yi Yan MEng Huan)

Once again my album will be out August 8th 2009. Counting down now. Just 10 days left. I am really excited. Please support me ya. My CD will be available in all CD shops in Malaysia please spread around ya thanks so much=)!!!


D said...

I have to say that i love this song more compared to the first one :p

And, the album cover is nice!!!

Well done Wincci. We are so so proud of you. Wish u a huge success on this debut album of yours!

jackwestly said...

Love the MV Story is very touching and Love your VOICE, is soft.the pronounce of words need a little bit clear, this is my personal opinion lah. hi hi.Hope can listen more of your product.CHEER