Monday, June 1, 2009

Samsung TV Advertistment & Samsung Talent Time

Early in the morning, people from Samsung came to my house to set up a platform inside my karaoke room. It took about few hours. Then after all the decoration was done, the TV was nicely Hang on the wall. As I stepped into the room, I really cant recognize my room as it was totally different. The LED Tv looked undoubtedly breathless.

Meanwhile, me, Cindy and XJ were preparing ourselves. The shoot was very relaxing and we were just being ourselves. The shoot finished at about 5pm.

After that, I did a montage using LED torch light. IT was so amazing. By just using the torch to write something in the air and then it was being captured by still camera, it really forms the words on the picture.

This is the end product of the video clip

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