Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Performing at Leo Forum @ Penang

All Of Us @ Backstage

Last Friday, I travelled down to Penang to perform at this Leo Forum. Me and Baki drove down to Penang's Sunshine Square for 5 hours for this showcase.

We reached there around 5pm. After freshen up and touching up my make up, all artist prepared back stage.

This Forum was attended by secondary school leo club members from all around Malaysia. More than 1000 members turned up. I was so honoured to have this golden opportunity to perform in this extravaganza.

Azizi, Baki, Alan, and Mua
I was even pleased and touched when the audience were so supportive. I sang 2 songs. One Chinese and another English song. The night was just like a concert. I was in high spirit and all the audience was really enjoying the show.

Singing On Stage

Besides that, Baki( Who acted together with me in Mr Siao Mandarin Class) was the host for that night. Undoubtedly, he raise up the mood of everyone and did a brilliant job.

Baki And I
Star like celebrity teens, Azizi, Ben , Zenny Lyn, Gangstar and etc performed as well.



Leo Idol Champion
After the show, me and Baki went for a drink with some of my Penang friends. After that, we did not stay overnight, in stead Baki drove us back home. We reached KL around 7am.

Seriously, it was a meaning ful event for me, It really gave me loads of strength to work even harder for my entertainment and music journey


KOKahKOK said...

woooo.... nice to have you in penang leo forum!!!

karyan said...

helloo..you've got great voice! great to see you in penang! =)

beauty queen said...

Hey thanks alot Kah Lok and Karyan. REally so nice to perform at leo. And you all were so supportive I am truely touched

Ah Tu said...

hehehe.. OMG.. my face is on Miss Malaysia's blog!!!! cayarlah!!!! huhuhuhuhu...

Again, Wincci.. thankx soooo much for doing this! :) big hugz and love from the entire team!!! :)

beauty queen said...

Alan Thanks alot to u, thanks for everything, thanks for being so understanding

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