Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gaza Power of 10 cents Appreciation Ceremony

Me, Datin Rosmah and Nick

Dato Lokman

Performing on stage

Finally after few months, all the hard work bear fruitful rewards. We managed to raise more than 2 million 10 cent coins. All the organization and children did so much to make this extravaganza to be a successful one. ( Special thanks to UPF, Red Cresent Society and Perpaduan Tabika.)

The journey to the road of success was not easy at all. Alot of barriers and obstacles had been encountered. However, with strength, determination and hard work, everything was overcome.

There was a few touching stories throughout this campaign. I remembered there was one primary school children who donated all his pocket money into the donation box. Then, his teacher asked him: " What are you going to eat if you donated all your pocket money." Without a second thought, he answered: " Teacher, it is alright if i don't eat, and the children in Gaza need this more than me." The teacher broke into tears after telling us this story.

There was another story where these 2 little girls went around collecting donation and being bullied and laughed by their friends. However, they did not give up and they managed to raise RM70 in a day.

As a token of appreciation, all the ones who involved in this campaign was invited to this Appreciation Ceremony. It was held in University of Malaya.

Our prime minister's wife Datin Rosmah was the special guest. The host for the event was Dato Lokman. He was also being appointed as the ambassador of peace. Whereas, I was invited to sing and was appointed as the Ambassador for the power of 10 cents. Besides that, there were a few other performances by the members of Red Cresent Society and also kids from Perpaduan Tabika.

With the kids @ backstage
This was a memorable event. This had not only helped to raise money for the Gaza children but also showcased Malaysian children’s willingness to help children in other parts of the world, especially in war-torn areas.

Me, Dato Lokman and the team from UPF
Lastly, this is not the end but just a beautiful beginning for everyone of us=). Let's continue the spirit of humanity and peace.=D

With The UPF team who had worked so hard=)


Cindy Khor said...

i really like the photo display in your side bar, really pretty...

great job to be an ambassador of a charity group, its really nice of you...

beauty queen said...

Cindy thanks so much ya=)

gpfmalaysia said...

thanks for coming,
hope to meet you next time...

Free Classifieds Directory said...

A fabulous day indeed with our Beauty Queen.

You are a truly a model who displays generosity in your heart for such wonderful and meaningful project.

The idea of 10 cents captures our attention. I must say, this is a commendable project. It is amazing with what 10 cents can do, the small act that can turn into huge momentum shift and gradually transforms our hearts throughout the journey of living for greater good, and that happens right from young.

Keep up the superb job.

I am sure Will Smith (Hancock Movie) would say to you guys, "Good Job."

Alexander and colleagues

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