Friday, June 26, 2009

The most sylish Tv- Samsung LED TV

The Samsung LED TV is so stylish that i could pose and take wonderful pictures with it. I really love all the shots.

This was the 1st time for me to take studio pictures with a TV. The shooting was so enjoying. The crystal design of Samsung LED Tv looked so amazing under the spot light. Undoubtedly, its graphic was supeb. Also, it was so light and slim. At one point, the TV did steal away my lime light. Haha.

Oh ya, grab this month's HWM magazine, all these shots are inside=)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gaza Power of 10 cents Appreciation Ceremony

Me, Datin Rosmah and Nick

Dato Lokman

Performing on stage

Finally after few months, all the hard work bear fruitful rewards. We managed to raise more than 2 million 10 cent coins. All the organization and children did so much to make this extravaganza to be a successful one. ( Special thanks to UPF, Red Cresent Society and Perpaduan Tabika.)

The journey to the road of success was not easy at all. Alot of barriers and obstacles had been encountered. However, with strength, determination and hard work, everything was overcome.

There was a few touching stories throughout this campaign. I remembered there was one primary school children who donated all his pocket money into the donation box. Then, his teacher asked him: " What are you going to eat if you donated all your pocket money." Without a second thought, he answered: " Teacher, it is alright if i don't eat, and the children in Gaza need this more than me." The teacher broke into tears after telling us this story.

There was another story where these 2 little girls went around collecting donation and being bullied and laughed by their friends. However, they did not give up and they managed to raise RM70 in a day.

As a token of appreciation, all the ones who involved in this campaign was invited to this Appreciation Ceremony. It was held in University of Malaya.

Our prime minister's wife Datin Rosmah was the special guest. The host for the event was Dato Lokman. He was also being appointed as the ambassador of peace. Whereas, I was invited to sing and was appointed as the Ambassador for the power of 10 cents. Besides that, there were a few other performances by the members of Red Cresent Society and also kids from Perpaduan Tabika.

With the kids @ backstage
This was a memorable event. This had not only helped to raise money for the Gaza children but also showcased Malaysian children’s willingness to help children in other parts of the world, especially in war-torn areas.

Me, Dato Lokman and the team from UPF
Lastly, this is not the end but just a beautiful beginning for everyone of us=). Let's continue the spirit of humanity and peace.=D

With The UPF team who had worked so hard=)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Samsung LED Tv Experience

As I mentioned earlier, Samsung just lauched their LED TV series. This video is to inroduce the unique features of Samsung LED Tv. Enjoy=)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A cut Above Hair Graduation Show

Last month, I did a hair show for A Cut Above Graduation Show @ Sunway Pyramid.

Trying out the hair do

It was not easy to make this type of hair style. Eddie had spent a lot of days preparing for this show. On the actual day, they spent a few hours
adjusting and fixing my hair. I remembered they used so many pins and also satay sticks to make the formation more stable on my head.

On the stage

Mua, Fabien(Eddie's teacher), Eddie

With Winnie Loo

(Eddie's Group )
Undoubtedly, it was a great success. After the show ended, I quickly went to dismantle all the pins which were attached to my hair.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Great Singapore Sales Challenge

I reached Singapore on the 28Th May 2009 (Friday). After taking a short rest, I went for an interview with the Singapore's New Paper.

Then on the Second day, teams from more than 20 countries arrived. Each group consisted of two members. My partner, Mee Suan,which was a reporter from Malaysia' China Press arrived as well. On the same day, we went for briefing and also a tour around Singapore. This briefing was really important as we need to start to observe and plan our route for the competition.

The rules for this competition was : Each group will consist of 2 members and each group will be given a credit card which worth Singapore Dollar $1000. We were suppose to shop at 4 malls and 1 cultural street. Also, additional $50 will be given for transportation fees. We need to complete the competition within 3 hours. Besides that, there will be a chaperon for each group . The chaperons were not suppose to help us but just to monitor us. At the same time, we will be given a book to stamp. We have to complete certain task at each stop and also to buy at least one item. Also, we must purchase all the 7 categories of items which was listed by the organizers (I.E: Jewellery, Beauty Products, Clothes, House Applicants, stationary, Electrical stuff and products with the "Get Singapore" Sign. The team with the greatest Saving will win $10,000.( I.E: Total difference of normal price and discounted price, for example a watch's normal price is $400 then after discount is $100, so you will save $300).

On the competition day, we all gathered at Marriott Ball Room and there was another briefing. There were 2 categories, one was the international category which consisted of 20 groups from from China, Vietnam, India, UK, Australia and etc. Some of them were super models, medias, actors and actress. The 2Nd category was the local group which consisted of 10 teams from Singapore.

My Group:( Chaperon, Mua and Mee Suan)

With 2 Vietnam's Super Models

After the Briefing, everyone was standing by at the starting point

Taking some pictures before starting

All the medias were busy snapping pictures. As the clock struck 3pm, the competition started.

The 1st mall we decided to go was Wisma Atria. We bought a bag which cost $365 ( Original price: $1080). Then we took a taxi to Vivo City. After that, we took MRT to China town. Then we headed towards Centre Point and Marina Square. (Oh ya, i bought this Diamond ring which cost $400( Original price $1400) in Marina Square.Then from Centre Point we run back to Wisma Atria. ( The video camera man and photographers had to run with us as well.)

One of the task that we have to perform was to calculate the given item's total savings.

In China town, we have to get a traditional chinese wear and wore it throughout the competition.

It was a hot day and undoubtedly we were all sweating like crazy. My partner and I managed to reach back Wisma Atria about 45 minutes before the competition ended. So we decided to use up the rest of the money by buying some clothes which cost $50( Original price $500). However, we faced some difficulties while footing the bill as we over estimated the amount of money inside the credit card. After settling the bill, we quickly rushed towards the end point of the competition. We reached there about 5 minutes before the competition ended. Only 15 teams managed to come back before the game ended. Some teams did not plan to win the competition, hence, they spent their sweet time shopping slowly for the goods that they wanted. Well, my team utilized $1000 and we saved $3500.

After the competition, there was a free massage booth for us to relax.

Around 9pm, the result was announced. The UK team won. They just used $600 and saved $20,000. Really amazing and unbelievable. Being curious, I went to ask them what did they buy. They told me that they bought 10 clothes which cost $50 each and with an original price of $2000 . They even told me that actually one of them was the winner of 2007 Donald Trump Reality show: The Apprentice, whereas the other one was the winner of an Entrepreneur show in the UK. Besides that, they spent one day doing research and planning till 2am. They even came out with a research report which consisted of plan A and Plan B for every outcome that they will face. They proudly told me that they came here to win 1st and not 2nd or even 3rd. I wholeheartedly think that they really deserved to win the competition.

Well, although we didn't win this competition, we still get to keep all the goods we bought.( Hehe, i get to keep the diamond ring=)!!!)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Video of me During Miss World 2008 Competition @ Johanesburg

This is a video of me during the Miss World 2008 Finals in South Africa. Over 109 countries took part. It was once in a life time experience. Well, I managed to get into top semi finalist for top model round and top finalist for Top Talent Round,( Which i did mask changing while playing the piano then after change to a half mask, I continued play and sing a song which composed by myself which called Beauty With a Purpose, then after that I changed back to my own face).

Performing at Leo Forum @ Penang

All Of Us @ Backstage

Last Friday, I travelled down to Penang to perform at this Leo Forum. Me and Baki drove down to Penang's Sunshine Square for 5 hours for this showcase.

We reached there around 5pm. After freshen up and touching up my make up, all artist prepared back stage.

This Forum was attended by secondary school leo club members from all around Malaysia. More than 1000 members turned up. I was so honoured to have this golden opportunity to perform in this extravaganza.

Azizi, Baki, Alan, and Mua
I was even pleased and touched when the audience were so supportive. I sang 2 songs. One Chinese and another English song. The night was just like a concert. I was in high spirit and all the audience was really enjoying the show.

Singing On Stage

Besides that, Baki( Who acted together with me in Mr Siao Mandarin Class) was the host for that night. Undoubtedly, he raise up the mood of everyone and did a brilliant job.

Baki And I
Star like celebrity teens, Azizi, Ben , Zenny Lyn, Gangstar and etc performed as well.



Leo Idol Champion
After the show, me and Baki went for a drink with some of my Penang friends. After that, we did not stay overnight, in stead Baki drove us back home. We reached KL around 7am.

Seriously, it was a meaning ful event for me, It really gave me loads of strength to work even harder for my entertainment and music journey

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fashion shoot for Islee Boutique

Few weeks ago i did a fashion shoot for a fast growing called Islee. I went down to Penang purposely for this shoot. The photographers was superb and the design of the clothes was amazing. This Islee boutique started from Penang, they design their own clothes and manufactured themselves as well. The best thing is that the prices are reasonable. Also, it will be expanding very fast into the fashion world. So here are some pictures I am going to share with you all.